Monday Motivation + 3 Movies Alexis Loves

by - August 31, 2020

Last week was another busy one. I didn't work late as many days as the week before, but my daily to-do lists were still pretty full. I got to have some me time over the weekend. I watched what I wanted on TV, had a solo Target trip, and got caught up on some stuff I'd been wanting to do.

My schedule doesn't look as full this week. We sent the September magazine to press on Friday so now I'm in that relaxed period between press and delivery. I use this week to really map out my next month and get a head start on my editorial stuff. I also learned a new email trick that will make sending my pitches so much faster and free up time for other things.

This is our final week of summer before school starts back. Do you guys do anything special before the first day of school? I don't remember any back-to-school traditions from my childhood, but I think it would be kind of cool to start one. Alexis's teacher did give us some 'magic glitter' to sprinkle on her bed the night before, and we're going to read The Night Before Kindergarten, but I'd like to do something special. Maybe an ice cream date?

As much as I hate to admit it, TV has played a pretty prominent role in our summer. Seriously, I think we've seen every single episode of all the current Disney Junior shows, not to mention Ladybug and Cat Noir, all the Scooby Doos, and the original Magic School Buses. We've also had a lot more movie nights than we used to, so I thought I'd share three movies currently on Netflix that Alexis loves and don't make my ears bleed.

Gnome Alone
Rated PG

In this Netflix original movie, Chloe and her mom move into what looks like a haunted house. It's actually built over a portal to an alien planet and a group of garden gnomes keeps the aliens from invading and destroying Earth. When Chloe takes the crystal holding the aliens at bay, turns it into a necklace and loans it to a girl at school she wants to be friends with, she must team up with the gnomes and her neighbor to get it back and save the world.

Rated PG

Felicie and her best friend Victor escape the orphanage and run away to Paris. Felicie dreams of becoming a dancer, and Victor wants to be an inventor. Felicie intercepts a ballet academy acceptance letter intended for the girl who lives in the house she's cleaning and takes her place at the school, while Victor gets an apprenticeship with a local inventor. Although she is found out, Felicie is given the opportunity to earn a role in an upcoming ballet.

Rated PG

When an evil magma demon and his minions steal the sun, it's up to the new guardians of the moon and the sun to get it back, and save the world from destruction. There's just one problem. Mune wasn't supposed to be chosen as the guardian of the moon.

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