Monday Motivation

by - December 21, 2020

It's Christmas week. Have you guys started your holiday break yet? Alexis's wasn't supposed to start until mid-week, but she came home from school with a fever last Thursday and was diagnosed with strep Friday, so we decided to start her break early as a precaution. I may regret that decision by the time school starts back in January...

Having a sick child this day and age is scary. Especially when you can't get in to see the doctor - who's not even your regular pediatrician - until mid-afternoon the day after their temperature spikes. All signs pointed to strep - fever, sore throat, and it's been making the rounds - so they did a throat culture first. I was happy, in a guilty sort of way, when it came back positive for strep. Because it could have been much, much worse.

So we spent our weekend in comfy clothes, watching movies, playing Barbies, and coloring. We also wrapped up the last of our gifts, and I did several loads of laundry and got the kitchen back in order. The rest of the weekend I spent trying to keep Alexis from overdoing it and make sure she was drinking enough throughout the day. It was a hard-fought battle.

Because of last week's unexpected ending, I've had to extend my deadlines for the January magazine, so I'll be working right up until Christmas. Then we've got some staggered family gatherings, provided we're all well. Fingers crossed Alexis doesn't pass her strep onto me or her daddy.

My posting schedule has been thrown all out of whack, too, so I'm not sure if I'll have anything else for you this week. I might scrounge together some last-minute holiday outfits for you on Tuesday or Wednesday, but no promises.

No matter how your family is celebrating this week, I hope you do so safely. From my family to yours, Merry Christmas!

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