Back to School with Alexis

by - August 05, 2021

Back-to-school shopping for the upcoming school year has been weird. First of all, our school district got a grant for school supplies so all we had to buy this year was a bookbag. Second of all, Alexis really hasn't grown much since the end of last school year, other than her feet which grew two sizes over the summer! So we didn't need to buy a whole new collection of clothes (I'm holding off on fall/winter clothes for now because she may have a spurt between now and then).

But it wouldn't be a new school year without a few new outfits and new shoes, so we stocked up on a few things from Target and Old Navy.

I love Target and Old Navy for Alexis's clothes for several reasons. They have good quality pieces that withstand the daily wear and tear an active kid puts them through, and they don't break the bank. Plus, I almost always have Super Cash or Circle Rewards to retract from my total. I also like that they both offer free shipping for orders over $50 and they each do free returns.

Sizing info: Alexis is between sizes right now. She wears a size 6/S in the Cat & Jack brand at Target and we size up to 8/M at Old Navy. She wears size 13-1 in shoes.

This dress is by far Alexis's favorite new thing, and if I'd let her she would already have worn it every other day. As such, you're looking at what will most likely be her first-day-of-school outfit. This dress is beyond adorable. The top is smocked and the sleeves are 3/4 length so she'll be able to wear it pretty much all year long here. It's a midi length, unlined but not see-through, although she will most definitely wear some little shorts underneath.

Her flats aren't 100% new. We bought them for her to wear to a specific event, so they've only been worn once or twice. They're a 13 so she won't be wearing them for much longer, but we'll stretch it out as long as we can.

This is a great everyday dress. It's a soft t-shirt material with a tiered skirt. We have several of these in other patterns.

This is your run-of-the-mill t-shirt dress, but they are a staple in Alexis's closet. What's great about this one is that it has pockets!

Pink combat boots have kinda become her signature shoe over the last few years. Seriously, she's had a pair every year for the last three years. This is a new-to-us brand, Art Class, but the quality seems pretty good for the price, and I know she'll get the maximum amount of wear out of them.

Do your kids love flip sequins as much as mine? Sadly, this exact unicorn print isn't available online but there are a bunch of others to choose from. And how cute is this skirt? The buttons are functional so I would absolutely put shorts underneath.

This is a ribbed knit, faux-button front henley-type shirt. It's basically a nicer version of a t-shirt. Alexis said it feels like a sweater.

Shirt | Shorts | Shoes (similar)

Graphic t-shirts are the bread and butter of Alexis's school clothes. They're easy to mix and match with pretty much every type of bottoms she's got. They don't cost a ton so if they get messed up, it's not a big deal. And right now there seems to be a ton of art-related prints, which fits her personality to a T.

These shorts are so much fun. Alexis likes that they look like a skirt but aren't. That said, they are very loose, so you might want to consider layering some bike shorts underneath. Otherwise, they're a stretchy waistband so no buttons and zippers to worry about.

And check out these kicks! They've got flip sequins on the sides and faux diamonds on the toes. Sadly, these exact ones aren't on the website, but Sketchers has a bunch of really cool high-tops for kids right now, and they're all 25% off!

Shirt | Shorts | Shoes (similar)

These shorts are not her favorite. She's not a big fan of the color, which is kind of in between khaki and gold. I like that they're neutral and will be easy to pair with most of her tops. They're twill and have a drawstring waist and pockets.

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