What's On My Kindle: 5 Romance Books I Downloaded in February

by - February 20, 2023

Originally, I had planned to do an updated book recommendations post for Valentine's Day, but then life as a teacher happened, and it fell to the wayside.

So I decided to do a basic updated TBR post because it's been quite awhile since my last one, and I honestly got overwhelmed by the number of books I've added to my reading list since July. Although considering that's more than six months of adding titles to my list, the amount really isn't all that high. However, it was too much for one blog post.

Then I realized that my browsing in February centered around romance books (probably because that's what all the ads focused on), so I decided to combine my romance book recs with a TBR update...so here we go.

Five Romance Books I Downloaded in February

Never Marry Your Brother's Best Friend
Author: Lauren Landish

When Luna's brother's best friend, Carter, asks her to fake marry him to land a business deal, she laughs in his face. They're opposites in everything, and Luna doesn't even like him. But she agrees to the ruse, even though that means they'll have to share a bed. Eventually, the line between real and fake blurs, and Carter, the man she can't stand, starts to feel like a real husband.

The Wreckage of Us
Author: Brittainy Cherry

When Hazel gets kicked out of her home, moving into Ian's spare room seems like a logical choice. Then Hazel calls the police on her drug-dealing stepfather, unintentionally getting her pregnant mother arrested. Now Hazel must put her own dreams aside to take care of the newborn, while Ian's music career starts to take off.

Finding You (The Holt Family series)
Author: T.M. Cromer

My infatuation with all things T.M. Cromer continues! In The Unlucky Charms series, we meet one of the Holts, so I'm excited to dive into this family's story. I have no doubt it will be on par with the Thorne witches. This is the story of Samantha Holt, a psychic witch whose boyfriend dies in a tragic accident. Despite a new love interest, Samantha can't move on and sets out to learn the truth of her soulmate's disappearance.

Ten Trends to Seduce Your Bestfriend
Author: Penny Reid

Winnie and Byron have known each other for years, but they're not friends. After Byron unintentionally helps Winnie gain more exposure online, a mutual friend suggests they team up for a series of best-friend challenges to increase Winnie's chances of landing a job she really wants.

Doctor Scandalous
Author: J. Saman

When the notorious Dr. Oliver Fritz suggests they pretend to be engaged for their ten-year high school reunion, Amelia agrees, if only so she won't suffer through the night alone, but their night of pretend ends in scandal and what was only supposed to be a few hours turns into a few months.

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