Weekly Wisdom

by - February 12, 2023

This week's motivation post is coming out a little later than I had planned, but I did not sleep well last night so I've spent my morning, which started entirely too early for a Sunday, being lazy in bed. Now that I'm fully up, I have a couple of things to do around the house, but thankfully I got most of that knocked out yesterday, so I can fully devote myself to reading.

This past week was pretty good. There were a few bumps in the road, but overall there was more to smile about than stress over. We got the first in a series of mandatory tests over the next couple of months out of the way, and I've been seeing a lot of progress with my students. We were able to do some stuff this week that I'm positive would not have been possible last month.

This coming week, we'll be finishing the novel we've been reading as a class. We'll also be wrapping up our unit on dependent clauses clauses and hopefully getting rough drafts for our current writing project completely finished.

In other news, Alexis won her grade level's Young Georgia Authors contest, which is exciting. She finally seems to be getting over the sinus infection that's been plaguing her for the last week or two. Of course, our weather is still bouncing back and forth from hot to cold, so who knows how long her easy breathing will last.

That's about all I have to share with you this week. I hope you enjoy the rest of your Sunday and that the week ahead is all you hope it will be!

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