7 Things I’m Loving Right Now

by - March 04, 2023

It's been awhile since I've done one of these posts (September 2022!), so I figure it's past time to bring this monthly series back. For those of you who are new to the blog, let me explain how this post typically works.

Each month I share five to ten things that have made my life easier or brought me joy. Sometimes these are actual products; other times it's a new habit or routine, a really great book or song I've just discovered, or even a new favorite snack.

Let's dive into this month's favorites.
Apple Watch SE - This is a tech purchase I never expected to make, but I cannot be glued to my phone all day at school. However, I am the primary contact for everything. Hence, the watch. I've only had it about a month, but I don't regret the purchase. I probably don't use it the way most people do, but I like not feeling like I'm missing out on calls and messages while I'm at work. I did not get the cellular version, so it has to be within range of my phone to receive calls and texts. I also upgraded the band to this magnetic one in starlight.

Phone/Watch Stand Charger - The charging situation on my nightstand was getting out of hand, and the mess of cords was driving me insane. I love this charger. It takes up very little space and works really quickly.

Lume Smooth Solid Deodorant  - I know I just wrote a post reviewing Lume last month, but that post did not include the smooth solid deodorant because I had yet to try it. I wish I had started with this one instead of the cream deodorant. I feel like this has better coverage for me and seems to be working even better than the cream.

Square Claw Clips - I bought a couple of these in a large size awhile back but didn't really use them outside of getting my hair out of the way while putting on makeup or showering. Then I cut my hair off and found myself in need of some new clips to pull my hair halfway back. I picked up a cheap pack of medium-sized square claw clips from a local store and am in love. They look so much more sophisticated than traditional clips.

Bleached Denim Jacket - I recently found myself with a jacket conundrum. The dress I was wearing needed a jacket, but my dark denim was too dark and my white denim was too bright. My vintage Levi's jean jacket was too thick. So I decided the time had come to add a light-wash jean jacket to my collection. This one is perfect for spring because it is super thin. It's also stretchy, which I like.

Ruffled Ankle Socks - We all know I love fun socks. These have been my go-to for the last few weeks since our weather has warmed up. I like pairing ankle boots with my spring dresses this time of year since it's still technically winter. These socks are just tall enough to be visible above the shaft of most of my ankle boots and add a sweet little girly detail. They come in a bunch of color combinations. I like that they're thin, so you can wear them with pretty much any shoe.

Magnet Bookmarks - I love bookmarks, but I frequently lose or misplace them or they fall out of whatever book I'm reading. I picked up a pack of magnetic bookmarks while I was Christmas shopping, and they might be the best thing ever. The ones I have have inspirational sayings on them and fun designs, but you can get these in so many different shapes and sizes.

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