Real Outfit Roundup: Spring Has Sprung

by - April 20, 2023

Spring has sprung, y'all. After a really warm Spring Break (first one I can remember in a long time) and our usual Easter cold snap, Spring is finally here to stay! How do I know? Our pecan trees are finally green again.

Anyway, there is no tired like teacher-in-the-spring tired. Testing is next week, so we've been spending every moment on review to make sure our kids are as prepared as they can be for a test we've never seen. For my classes, it's meant fast-paced days where we cover as many topics as we can...and a lot of moving around the classroom for me.

Our dress code is already pretty relaxed, but it's been even more so the last several days. I've worn jeans more than usual and - surprise, surprise - not snapped any photos of those outfits to share. But I do have five classroom-ready outfits to share with you, plus what I wore for Alexis's birthday party, and as a bonus, I'm going to end the post with links to the swimsuits and cover-ups I used for Spring Break.

Sizing info: I'm 5'2" and weigh about 135-140 pounds. I wear size 6 or s/m in most clothing and size 7 in shoes.

This was our first day back to school and work after Spring Break. I wanted to fully embrace the season so chose this gorgeous floral maxi skirt. It's the same people that made my blue gingham skirt, but the material is completely different. Whereas the blue gingham is a stiffer, thicker material, this one is more smooth in texture. It's tiered, although you won't see that unless you're looking very closely. The background of the floral pattern is black, but the peaches/oranges, greens, and whites/tans are definitely the focus here. This is the khaki color, and I'm wearing a medium.

I decided to stick with my go-to graphic t-shirt outfit formula. I mean, if it ain't broke... Anyway, I fell in love with this shirt as soon as I saw it. I know you can't fully read it because of my jacket, but it says perfectly imperfect in two different fonts. The material is nice and thick. It's soft and stretchy and fitted, which makes it perfect for tucking. The sleeves are cuffed, which I always think is a nice detail.

Because it was still pretty chilly following our Easter cold snap, I needed an extra layer, and I decided sandals would leave my feet too exposed. I'm not unhappy with the way the sneakers looked, but I can't wait to wear sandals with this skirt instead.

Shirt / Jeans (similar) / Sandals

Have you tried the swiss dot pattern yet? Man, I love it so much, especially in blouses. This raised pattern elevates a solid-colored top so much. Of course, the v-neck and flutter sleeves on this one don't hurt either. This shirt is so flowy without feeling like a tent. I'm wearing the medium here, but I'm confident the small would fit. The medium is a few inches longer than I'd like, but it doesn't really work as a tunic because it's too narrow to fit comfortably over my hips.

Anyway, I was really going for just a clean, neutral outfit that didn't feel boring. The shirt is a bit dark for spring, so I went with white jeans and these neutral platform espadrille sandals. I left the shirt untucked for no real particular reason. I honestly didn't even try it tucked in any way.

My sandals are a recent purchase. I've been looking at this style a lot recently but was hesitant to order a pair. Wider bands like that are tricky for me and often end up being uncomfortable, so color me impressed when I tried these on in the store.

Oh, man, this was such a bad hair day for me, which is why my head is cropped out of this picture. Thankfully, my outfit made up for it.

Slip skirts have kinda become my thing, y'all. This one is such a pretty pattern, and I do like it, but we need to talk about it before you click 'add to cart.' First, it's verrrrrry thin and unlined, which wouldn't be a problem if the material were a little nicer (it had those annoying wrinkles from sitting after like five minutes, so there's that). There's no give at all, even in the waist, and the side slit is higher than I was anticipating. I know it's high on the model, but usually my height makes up for that! This time around, my height did not help, and the slit was almost too high (I had to be careful sitting, for sure). It's got a side zipper and no elastic in the waist, which is what I prefer in this type of skirt. I honestly feel like I could have sized up to a large and still been fine, so keep that in mind.

I paired this with a Stevie Nicks graphic tee that says, "Don't be a lady. Be legendary," and some strappy black sandals with a low heel. This style of shoe was popular when I was in college, and it's a trend I'm glad has come back around. Not only are they cute, but they're also usually comfortable. This pair is from Target, and I actually went down half a size.

Shirt / Shorts (similar) / Shoes

This is what I wore for Alexis's birthday party. My t-shirt says 'Be the Sunshine' and has a bit of leopard print mixed into the rays. I got this in a medium like I do most of my t-shirts, and it fits like a large in my opinion. In fact, I felt like I was swimming in extra material, so I used my twist-tee knot to tie it up in the front. I paired it with my green utility shorts and leopard print sneakers I wrote about in my last favorite things post.

Does this dress look familiar? I got this specifically to wear to school, but the last time I wore it one of my students told me they could see through it, and I've been paranoid to wear it ever since. Then I remembered that I've got several things I could layer underneath it to fix that problem. So I layered a blank camisole and a pair of black bicycle shorts to create a sort-of shadow effect. Voila! Problem solved.

Shirt (Wantable) / Jacket / Jeans (similar) / Sandals

I wore this for an ELA teacher work day this past week. I've been reaching for my white jeans so often here lately, I feel like I need to get a second pair. Anyway, my blouse came in a Wantable box last year, but I'm just now getting around to wearing it. It's got a fun tropical pattern that makes me think of an island vacation. It's sleeveless and quite thin with a tied hem. I can't decide if it's a bit oversized or if I needed the next size down. I added my bleached denim jacket over the top since I knew we'd be in a cold room and kept my shoes neutral with my new sandals.

Now on to our bonus content! Below are the links to the swimsuits and coverups I wore on Spring Break.


This is the one swimsuit from last year that I never got around to wearing. It's a lot of fun, though, in that it's fully reversible, so you've got four different ways to wear it. And this coverup is my absolute favorite, especially with this swimsuit. It's the perfect compliment. We're not going to talk about my flip flops. They're a cheap pair I got just for the beach and have since thrown away. They were soooo uncomfortable.


This is my newest swimsuit. I love this color green. It instantly reminded me of a swimsuit I had in college that I wore until the elastic literally wore out. In fact, it was the swimsuit I took with me to Costa Rica for my study abroad, so lots of good memories associated with it. This swimsuit is like the grown-up version of that one. It's from AdoreMe, which can always be counted on for high-quality swimwear. The top ties in the back and around the neck. The bottoms have the cutest little tortoise-shell o-rings at the hips. My cover-up is just a simple one. It's probably my most versatile cover-up since it goes with literally any swimsuit.

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