What's On My Kindle: 9 Books I've Downloaded for Summer

by - June 19, 2023

My TBR list has exploded recently, thanks in great deal to all the book ads and sponsored posts I've been getting on Facebook. If I'm being honest, looking for new books to read is just as much of an addiction for me as actually reading. I'm currently in the middle of quite a few series because I keep getting distracted by something new. It's like a really bad case of reading A.D.D.

Anyway, here are nine of the most recent books I've added to my Kindle that I think would make great summer reads, either by the pool, on the beach, at the campsite, or from the comfort of your couch.

Fly With The Arrow - I've been on a pirate kick lately but have had a hard time finding something to satisfy that itch. I'm hoping the Bluebeard's Secret series will do it. When Izolda's would-be husband is killed, the killer claims her for his bride. Turns out, she's the latest in a line of brides for this stranger, all of whom have died, and Izolda's new husband admits she'll suffer the same fate. Now she's faced with a choice: spy for her king or help her husband in a fairyland game that's been a thousand years in the making.

The Echo of Old Books - Ashlyn Greer can feel the echoes of books' previous owners. When she discovers a pair of never-been-published romance books, she's discovers two conflicting tales of the same tragic romance. The more Ashlyn learns about the authors, Hemi and Belle, the the closer she comes to bringing closure to their story.

The Tattooist of Auschwitz - Yes, I know I'm late to the party on this one. While I enjoy historical fiction a whole lot, this type of book requires the right head space. Lale is a Jew who is forced into being the tattooist at Auschwitz. He uses his position to trade jewels and money for food to keep other prisoners alive. While there, he meets Gita and vows to survive and marry her.

The Song of Achilles - I really enjoyed Circe by this same author, so I'm excited for this reimagining of Homer's The Iliad. Achiles is strong, swift, and beautiful - irresistible to everyone he meets. Patroclus is an exiled prince. The two form a bond despite risking the gods' wrath. They are trained in war and medicine by the centaur Chiron. When Helen of Sparta is kidnapped, all Greece's heroes are called to lay siege to Troy in her name. Achilles joins the cause, and Patroclus follows.

The Wreckage of Us - This is another repeat author for me. The Mix-Tape was such a good book, so I have high hopes for this one. When Hazel's drug-dealing stepfather kicks her out, she seeks shelter in an abandoned farm shed. She's found, of course, and ends up moving into Ian's spare room. Things are looking up until Hazel calls the cops on her stepdad and her pregnant mother is arrested along with him. Now, Hazel must sacrifice her dreams to take care of the baby while Ian's dreams of becoming a rockstar are taking off.

The Night of Many Endings - When a winter storm buries the town of Silver Ridge, a group of lonely people take shelter at the library with Nora, the librarian. They'll learn more about each other and themselves, and Nora, in particular, will have to question her brother's disappearance in ways she's never imagined.

Beyond the Moonlit Sea - Olivia's husband is a pilot for the rich and famous. When he disappears over the Bermuda Triangle, Olivia waits for him for years. Melanie, meanwhile, is a particle physicist studying the Bermuda Triangle. When her mother dies, she begins an affair with her therapist. When the two women's paths intertwine over a shocking discovery, Dean's disappearance is cast into a new light.

Layla - Leeds and Layla's relationship is rocked when Layla is unexpectedly attacked. Although she's recovered physically, mentally and emotionally she has not. In an effort to get their relationship back on track, Leeds takes Layla to the bed and breakfast where they first met, but Layla's behavior takes a turn for the worst. While there, Leeds meets Willow and agrees to help her find answers, but it soon becomes clear he can't help both Layla and Willow.

The House at Mermaid's Cove - After a German U-boat torpedoes her ship, Alice washes up on an English beach where she's found by Viscount Jack Trewella. He suspects she's a prisoner of war or a spy, but the secret she asks him to keep is unexpected and creates an intimate bond between the two. Alice grasps the chance to reinvent herself, but as she starts to fall for Jack, she discovers he has secrets, too.

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