9 Graphic Tees I Love to Teach In

by - September 30, 2023

Teachers aren't just responsible for their curriculums. We're involved in social and emotional learning just as much as academics, and for me part of that social learning is being a good role model for how to dress appropriately...even when dressing casually.

It's no secret that I love graphic t-shirts. They're practically one of my personality traits at this point! I feel like I've gotten pretty good at integrating graphic tees into my professional wardrobe. They're a great way to add personality to work outfits, which can sometimes feel boring, repetitive, and like you've lost your personal style.

Lucky for me, teaching embracing graphic tees. Don't believe me? Search 'teacher tees' on Amazon. I promise you'll get more results than you'll ever have time to fully explore. So I've looked through my own favorites and narrowed it down to the nine that I love the most. Remember, I am an ELA teacher, so quite a few of these are reading-related.

Row 1
Take A Look It's In A Book - Reading Rainbow was such a great literacy show. As an English teacher, how could I resist a shirt with its catchphrase?
Be The Sunshine - Teaching is all about mindset. Sometimes I need a reminder.
Booktrovert - Okay, so I'd probably have this one even if I wasn't a teacher...

Row 2
Kindness Matters - There are tons of versions of this one out there.
You Can Do Hard Things - This one was inspired by my old yoga instructor. This was basically her mantra, and I've taken it with me into the classroom.
All The Cool Kids Are Reading - I got this for Read Across America Week.

Row 3
Book Flowers - This is another one I would probably own regardless.
Prove It - One of the best things about ELA is that there are rarely right or wrong answers. You just have to be able to prove your answer.
Frog & Toad - How could I resist one of the best friendships in all of literature?

How do I wear them?

If you've been a reader for awhile, then you'll already know that my favorite way to wear a graphic t-shirt is with a printed skirt. I've found that knee-length and longer printed skirts in a variety of cuts are perfect for teaching, and my graphic tees blend right in.

This black spotted skirt is one of my favorites to mix and match with.


But I also like to play with colored skirts. The red floral print (left) is one of my favorite skirts. It's got a subtle high-low hem and just enough yellow in the pattern to make it versatile. The pink floral (right) always feels fancy to me, probably because of the material. It's very long, which puts some limits on it, but it's still a lot of fun to wear.

And sometimes I keep things simple with solid-colored pants. My gold linen pants are always a favorite, and you really just can't go wrong with white jeans.

Do you have a favorite teacher tee? Share it with me in the comments!

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