What I Read September 2023

by - October 12, 2023

Man, I am so late in getting this reading roundup out to you guys. We're basically halfway through October already! I would apologize, but I've been incredibly busy with a ton of homework, planning for the second quarter of school, and life in general.

At first glance, it appears as if reading fell to the wayside for September. However, I spent the first part of the month re-reading a favorite series that had been on my mind for awhile. A comfort read, if you will. I usually don't include those in my reviews, since I've already reviewed them at some point on the blog. It was the All the Pretty Monsters series by Kristy Cunning, if you're interested.

Author: Willow Hadley

This is the first book in the Charlotte Reynolds series, which isn't complete and has been some time since the last book released. That's not the reason I decided not to continue with the series, though. I decided not to continue because I felt disconnected from the story. The background felt under-developed, and I had a lot of questions about some of the already-established situations that I felt like the author did not go into enough detail.

The book starts with our main female character, Charlotte, being released from her second stint in juvenile detention, but instead of being sent to another group home, Charlotte is released into the care of her uncle whom she hasn't seen since her father died. Charlotte moves in with Arthur and his adopted stepson, Sebastian, and is quickly accepted into her pseudo-cousin's friend group. Honestly, I don't even remember what the main conflict of the book was, which should give you an idea of how underwhelming I found it to be.

Brutal and Vicious (A Flawed series books 2-3)
Author: Auryn Hadley & Kitty Cox

I'm loving this spin-off of the Gamer Girls series so much. This group of characters are all in the Gamer Girls series, but with the exception of Knock they're all in the background. And even Knock isn't really a main character in the others. You know they're all there, and you know they're all integral in how the overall plot plays out in the end, but you don't know what exactly they're doing. This series shows you, and it's fantastic. I don't think you have to read Gamer Girls first to enjoy this series, but I think reading the other first would be beneficial.

Author: Lisa Barr

This month, I ended with my One Woman Book Club pick. I wasn't sure I was going to make it in time for this book roundup, but I managed to finish the book on the last day of the month. It was fantastic.

Jules Roth is a fresh-out-of-college journalist who's just landed her dream job as a member of her hero's investigative team. Dan Mansfield has just agreed to investigate a painting that's been missing since World War II for his friend, world-renowned shoe designer, Ellis Baum. The painting, Woman on Fire, is the last painting by Ernst Engel, who was the leader of the German Expressionist movement and executed by the Nazis, and features Ellis's mother, a former Miss Germany who was executed for having a relationship with a Jewish banker. The trio enlist the help of Ellis's grandson, Adam, a famous artist turned recluse after nearly dying from a drug overdose, to find the painting, which is also being sought by a ruthless collector and dealer, Margeaux de Laurent.

Bonus - Read Alouds with Alexis

Author: Katherine Applegate

This was such a good read-aloud, and one that I would recommend to any parent. Wishtree is told from the perspective of an oak tree, Red. Red has been a part of the neighborhood for many "rings," and has many tales to tell. Once a year, people bring their wishes and tie them to her branches. Red thought she'd seen it all until a new family moves in and is not welcomed. Now, Red decides she must do more than observe. She must act, and this act may be her last.

Author: Eva Ibbotson

This was one of my favorite books when I was around Alexis's age. The cover you're seeing is one of the newer editions (2008, I believe). It does not match my copy. Anyway, this is a fun read, especially around Halloween. Arriman the Awful is a famous wizard responsible for keeping darkness alive in the land. When a fortune teller predicts his replacement will soon come, he creates a 'monster' to watch for him, but he never comes so, following the advice of his butler, Arriman decides to get married. He devises a contest for all the local witches, including Belladonna, a white witch who is desperately in love with Arriman but who stands no chance of winning the competition...until she meets Terrance and finds her familiar.

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