Working Mom's Christmas: 20 Gift Ideas for the Working Woman in Your Life

by - December 17, 2023

I'm a little late with this year's Working Moms Gift Guide, but I couldn't not publish what has become one of my favorite yearly posts. Every year I try to round gift ideas for all types of working moms. This year's gifts are meant to be more of a guide than actual links to shop since we're less than ten days from Christmas already. However, many of the items you'll find on this list are still available before Christmas Eve.

1. Cute Tote Bag - Having a good tote bag is a must for a working mom. We carry everything with us all the time! This one is cute and practical. There are 16 patterns to choose from.

2. Collegiate Pouches - These are great for the college sports loving women in your life. Sadly, though, they don't have ALL colleges and universities, including my own alma mater, but there are more than two dozen to choose from.

3. Belt Bag - Sometimes you need the essentials without carrying a full-size purse. Belt bags are like a fanny pack only way cooler. They free up your hands and are perfect for travel or going places like a theme park or zoo.

4. Crossbody Bag - If a belt bag isn't your thing, but you also don't want to carry a full-size purse, this cute crossbody bag is for you!

5. Deodorant Remover Sponges - Deodorant stains are a quick way to ruin a morning, especially if you don't have a fast way of removing them. These deodorant-removing sponges would make a great stocking stuffer.

6. Microfiber Hair Wrap - These hair wraps are so much more comfortable than wrapping a full-sized towel around your head, not to mention they're better for your hair in terms of damage. You can find these pretty much everywhere.

7. Towel Wrap - If you're like me and hate the idea of getting dressed right out of the shower but don't want to walk around naked, this is what you need.

8. Make-Up Removing Cloths - You can find these pretty much anywhere, but I liked the patterns on these. And they really do work! These cloths have made my nightly bedtime routine so much smoother.

9. Hot-Cold Face Mask - Self-care gifts are always a win, and this one has multiple purposes!

10. Bandeau Headband - These headbands are so much more than a headband. You can wear them so many ways, including as a beanie-style hat!

11. Hair Clip - I've never met a working mama that hasn't needed to pull her hair back out of her face at some point. A cute clip like this one will make it look intentional. What I like about this one is that it's not a claw-style clip, which can be uncomfortable.

12. Over-the-Knee Cozy Socks - You really can't go wrong with socks, especially when they're meant purely for comfort.

13. Boho Socks - I love cool socks, and these boho ones are right up my alley.

14. Therapy Dough - This is a grown-up version of play-doh that combines stress relief and aromatherapy. There are four scents to choose from.

15. Murder Mystery Jigsaw Puzzle - These are really cool. Instead of putting the puzzle together using a visual, you read a mystery and let the clues guide you.

16. Glitter Hearts Toilet Bombs - I'm not going to lie. These made me laugh when I first saw them. Then I immediately thought of several ladies they would be perfect for! These would be great coworker or gag gifts.

17. Guardian Angel Worry Doll - I saw this and instantly thought of my own working mama. You can find versions of these in a lot of places. I just liked the way this one looked.

18. Stained Glass Gemstone Suncatcher - How gorgeous are these? I can see one hanging in the window over my kitchen sink or the window in my home office or even in the window of my classroom.

19. Carved Wood Trinket Dish - I love a good trinket dish, and these wooden ones are so stinking cute!

20. Folk Art Coffee Mug - I think these mugs make the list every year, but they really are so cute, and they're always adding new styles. There are more than a doze to choose from!

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