10 Teacher Outfits to Copy

by - February 19, 2024

The last four weeks have been all over the place, but none so much as last week. That's not what I'm here to talk about, but it does help to explain why there are only four outfits to share from four weeks. Otherwise, the math doesn't add up.

These outfits go all the way back to January 22nd. Each is something I wore to work, so all are teacher appropriate.

Sizing info: I'm 5'2" and weigh about 135 lbs. I wear size 6 or s/m in most clothes and size 7 in shoes.

Shirt (similar) / Vest (similar) / Pants (similar) / Shoes

Y'all, I just don't know if sweater vests are for me. Instead of feeling like I've put together a polished, preppy outfit, I always feel kind of sloppy. Overall, I don't have the pattern-play here, but the vest just feels off. I don't know what it is.

Dress / Sweater (similar) / Tights / SocksBoots

This is one of my favorite recent outfits. There is so much layering going on here! Let me start by saying that this dress is made for someone with a much larger bust than me, so I'm wearing a black camisole underneath it. It's a faux wrap style, meaning you can't actually tighten the top so I needed something to keep it decent.

My tights are made by Spanx and are probably the best tights I have ever owned. They did not move all day long. I always add socks when I wear tights with boots, and it was pretty cold this day so I went with my sweater socks. This pair had just the right color around the top to match the dress, so it was perfect!

My cardigan is one I got at the end of last winter and never had a chance to wear. I linked to a really similar one for y'all.

Recognize this dress from my Valentine's outfit idea post? I did not, in fact, wear this on Valentine's Day, but it would have been a good one. It's almost sold out, so if you like it better hurry! 

I wore this on a field trip to a play. Bus rides are never super comfortable, so we always get to dress down, but I like to still give my students a good role model to copy for dressing. This blouse was on my Valentine's outfit idea post, as well. It's so cute and feminine. It works nicely with jeans as you can see here, but it'll be easy to dress up too.

Shirt / Jumpsuit / Boots (similar)

I wasn't sure about this outfit, but it was such a big hit! I felt like the epitome of the quirky English teacher wearing this. I paired the overalls with a dressier blouse to elevate it a bit. You can't really see in the picture, but it's got ruffles in a stripe pattern all over. But I wanted to keep it feeling more down-to-earth like me, so I finished it out with combat boots.

Sweater (similar) / Jeans / Boots

These loose jeans, y'all. I like them better with a heeled boot, but I still don't know if they're the right style for my body. What do y'all think?

Sweater (similar) / Jacket / Skirt / Boots (similar)

Is there ever a wrong time to wear tulle? I don't think so. I wanted to dress the skirt down a bit for school, so I layered my jean jacket over a sweater.

Dress / Turtleneck (similar) / Tights / Boots

I'm not going to lie: this was a really bad day all the way around. In fact, my outfit was truly the best part about the day. I've had this velvet dress for awhile and not had a reason to wear it, so I made one. To make it school appropriate, I layered it over a black turtleneck, then added my Spanx tights and heeled Chelsea boots. A bit fancy for school perhaps, but I, once again, felt like the quirky English teacher that I am.

This is what I wore on Valentine's Day. Our crappy week at school continued, so I decided to add as much fun through my clothes as I could. My skirt has velvet hearts all over it. I wanted to keep things light-hearted, so I went with my 'synonym rolls' graphic t-shirt. The pink was the perfect shade for the red of the skirt, and the grammar humor got several laughs.

Shirt / Pants / Shoes (similar)

Okay, so I've said that I would not embrace the return of the cargo pant, but then I saw these and liked how sleek they look as opposed to the baggy styles, so I decided to give them a try...and I love them. These ones are stretchy all over, so they were super comfortable for teaching all day. My t-shirt is super cute, too. It's hard to see but it's a fox sitting on a stack of books.

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