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by - February 03, 2024

Reading books and discovering books you want to read are two very different hobbies. I am constantly adding books to my want-to-read list, and as we all know, my TBR list is out of control, but that doesn't stop me from adding more to it.

Book Lovers
Author: Emily Henry

This one was a Christmas gift, and I'm excited to get started reading it. It's all about literary agent Nora and her sister's plan to make her the heroine of her own life. Nora agrees to spend an entire month in a small town with her sister, Libby, where she keeps running into Charlie, an editor from the city with whom Nora has never gotten along.

Author: Michelle Gable

You know they say never to judge a book by its cover, but this one's cover is what caught my attention. In 1944, Niki is recruited by an American spy agency to establish a branch in Rome. Her role is to craft fake stories and distribute propaganda to enemy soldiers. Although she and her fellow team members find success, Niki is dealing with family left behind in Czechoslovakia and a controlling husband. As the war drags on, she begins to question the rules she's expected to follow and finds feelings for a colleague, but a mistake could be deadly.

Author: Paula McClain

Y'all know I can't pass up a book about female journalists, and that's exactly what this is! It's 1937. The Spanish Civil War is raging, and Martha Gellhorn is Madrid to tell the stories of those caught in the conflict. While there, Martha meets and falls in love with Ernest Hemingway who has not yet secured his legacy as an author.

Author: Taylor Jenkins Reid

This will be my second book by Reid, and I have high expectations. This is the story of Daisy, an up-and-coming singer, and rock band, The Six. A producer has Daisy join with the band to help shoot them into stardom. Just as they reach the height of popularity, the band calls it quits.

Author: Lucy Score

Naomi is not just a runaway bride. She's on a mission to rescue her estranged twin, except her twin steals her car and money leaving Naomi stranded in Knockemout, Virginia, with the 11-year-old niece she didn't know she had. All of this happened right in front of Knox, the local barber who doesn't do complicated or high-maintenance, but he decides to help Naomi until she's back on her feet. What he doesn't count on in for the trouble to turn into real danger.

Author: Jenny Proctor & Emma St. Clair

I'm a sucker for a good romantic comedy. Eloise's grandmother has just passed away and left her the beach house, which Eloise plans on turning into a bed and breakfast so she can return to grad school. Living next door is Jake, the lawyer in charge of her grandmother's estate. Their meeting wasn't exactly professional, and they're not exactly neighborly. But Eloise's future plans are starting to change as she begins to feel more connected to her childhood and grandmother. Could Oakley Island be where where she belongs?

Author: Nita Round

It was the reviews that got me interested in this series. Lucinda is a tower witch. She's had a vision of something not quite human. There's blood, which spells trouble, but no bodies to be found, and no one knows that this monster exists. Lucinda joins forces with the captain and crew of an airship and sets out to save the land from destruction.

Author: Lissa Bolts

Nora grants wishes, just not in the way that you would imagine. In fact, she grants them in the worst possible ways, sometimes even ending in death. The truth is, she's cursed and running out of time to fix it. Amidst her search for answers, Nora meets Rafe, who decides to join her curse-breaking quest. He's saved her life more than once, but Nora's not sure he's really on her side.

Author: D.E. Wyatt

When Elsabeth accepts a job to recover stolen church property, she soon finds herself in over her head. It's not long before she's swept up in a conspiracy that pits the ambitious Abbot of Friuli against the powerful Prince-Bishop of Bremen. Her only hope to escape is a deal with one of the Bishop's agents to unravel the Abbot's plot and figure out the connection to the reclusive Baron of Leyen.

Author: Leanne Davis

It's been awhile since I read a good cowboy story. When her mother commits suicide, Erin Poletti has nowhere to go but the Rydell River Ranch where her brother, Chance, works. Erin is penniless and for some unspoken reason lacks the basic skills needed to navigate life. No one distrusts her more than Jack Rydell, but when unforeseen circumstances leave Erin nearly destitute and reveal her desperate secret, Jack starts to truly get to know her.

Author: Hailey Shore

This is a Beauty and the Beast retelling, of which I've read many, but the excerpt I read from this book made me laugh so I thought I'd give it a shot. Malcolm Bettencourt is a recluse who's got a bone to pick with Jolie's family over a loan her dad can't pay back. To save the family lobster business, Jolie agrees to live in Malcolm's house and act as housekeeper and cook. The two have nothing in common, but they can't keep their thoughts and eyes off each other.

Author: Penn Cole

Diem is a mortal living in a world ruled over by the cruel offspring of the gods known as the Descended. When her mother disappears a dangerous secret about her past is revealed, Diem gets the unexpected chance to enter the world of Descended royalty and unravel the mysteries her mother left behind. But she's being closely watched by the heir of the dying king and being recruited by a mortal alliance in the growing civil war.

Author: McKenzie Hunter

Erin is hired by a mysterious yet powerful client to find a coveted magical object, but what should be a simple assignment gets complicated fast when her client is abducted. Erin is pulled into the underbelly of the magical world where a spell is cast on her that reveals a mark of the raven. Now she's being hunted by those she used to hunt and caught the interest of the magical elite.

Author: Robin D. Mahle & Elle Madison

Rowan is a princess of Lochlann. When a harmless adventure lands her in the dungeons of her enemy, she's forced to reconsider everything she thought she knew. Then her relationship with her captor takes an unexpected turn. Can they overcome the centuries of animosity between their two lands, or will Rowan's choices bring war to the people she's sworn to protect?

Author: Hollee Mands

Declan is a jaded, cold and pragmatic ruler who can kill with a blink of her eye. Evangeline is a shy mortal with missing memories. A slave-trade uprising ends with the two of them trapped in the demon realm together when Declan risks everything to protect her.

Author: J. Bree

This will be my second series by this author. Rookesbane Eveningstar devoted her life to a king that wasn't hers and lost everything. Now, she must turn her back on a lifetime of friendships and loyalties to face her fate - the Savage Prince, heir to the high-fae throne of the Southern lands and her fates-blessed mate. As the war between the fae and witches rages on without an end in sight, Rookesbane knows she must help the prince defeat his enemies before it's too late. There's just one problem. She's a witch.

Author: Helen Goltz

Sophie Carell has wanted to be a movie star since she was eight years old, but her great aunt Daphne foresaw that she would be one of the greatest clairvoyants of her time. When Daphne dies, Sophie inherits her cursed reading glasses which have been passed down through generations of their family. The glasses show the wearer the future of everyone. With the glasses, Sophie has also 'inherited' a Lens man from the Optical Illusions store. Lukas is a witch who has now become Sophie's protector from the Ravenhood, the enemy that has pursued her family through generations. Meanwhile, Sophie has also 'inherited' a detective; Murdoch Ashcroft wants Sophie to fill her aunt's shoes to help him solve his cases. And then there's Daniel Riley, a journalist who might be looking for more than a professional relationship.

Author: A.S. Green

Stella Aldren has been chosen by her coven to fulfill a 17th century curse that can only end in death. If she wants to survive, she needs to find Ethan Mather. He's the descendant of an infamous witch hunter who's running for governor of Massachusetts. All Stella needs is one of his hairs so she can make a poppet and kill him, but when Stella actually meets Ethan, sparks fly - literally. But the Salem coven aren't the only witches who want Ethan. The Boston coven has their sights set on him, as well, although for different reasons.

Author: L.J. Andrews

Erik is the scarred king of the Ever Kingdom. Trapped beneath the waves, he's a prison in his own realm. For years, he's thought of nothing but vengeance against the man who killed his father and sealed his fate. Then, his enemy's daughter unintentionally breaks the chains on the Ever, and Erik makes her an unwitting pawn in his revenge. He's determined to take back what he lost, no matter the cost, even his heart.

Author: M. Sinclair

This is a spin-off series from another series by this author I've already read. Maize is one of the side characters, and I'm excited to read her story. She's the bastard child of the dead Dark Fae King living in the kingdom that saved her yet despises who she is. After spending a year inside the castle walls, she's being sent to the Red Masques academy where she'll be staying with the team of commanders in charge of the institution. She's not a student or a teacher. She doesn't know why, exactly, she's being sent there. But it's sure to be interesting.

Author: Laura Mowrey

Luke Reilly owns the world's largest tech company, but not because he wants it. He inherited the company when his dad died while he was deployed. When he rescues a woman from a mugging, he's not prepared for the instant connection that has him planning a future with her. But his father's secrets have danger lurking in the dark. When a threat puts Liv in danger, protecting her is all that matters. Luke's instincts from the Marine Corps are the only thing that will get them out alive, but will those instincts tear them apart?

Author: C.G. Blaine

When Eden's ex dumps her, she doesn't cancel the romantic getaway they'd booked. She doesn't plan on going, content to waste his money like he wasted two years of her life, but then he gets engaged and she boards the plane. Meanwhile, Beck needs to lie low for awhile. He found out about an abandoned week at a luxury resort and decides to claim it as his own. Of course it's Eden's "romantic" getaway he's conned his way into. He knows he should leave, but Eden's brother offers him $10,000 to spend the next five days keeping guys away from her. So he agrees to pretend to be her boyfriend, but we all know how these stories go. They'll have to return to reality eventually.

Author: Sara C. Roethle

Lyssandra is a hunter of the Helius Order. Her mission? To track and kill vampires. Then one day, a vampire saves her life and bonds her to him. That secret will see her executed by her order. So now her new mission is to find Asher and cut out his heart, even if it kills her, too. Except, a little girl is found dead with a single red rose in the hole where her heart once was. It's the calling card of Karpov, an ancient vampire responsible for killing Lyssandra's uncle, and the only death Lyssandra wants more than Asher's. But, plot twist! Karpov is the only being who can reveal Asher's whereabouts.

Author: Eliza Raine

Reyna has been imprisoned her whole life in the Gold Court. When the palace is raided, she escapes, but the raid is led be her worst nightmare - the Prince of the Shadow Court, and he wants one thing: her. Reyna doesn't know why the Prince has kidnapped her, but when he announces her as his betrothed, she knows she has to escape before she's eternally bound to him.

Author: Adaline Winters

Cora owns a bed and breakfast in White Castle, a small town with big secrets. It's the epicenter of the paranormal community. In addition to the bed and breakfast, Cora offers services including supernatural autopsies and burials, earning her the title of The Undertaker. When a string of murders brings the lord of the shifters and prince of vampires to her door, Cora teams up with them to find the killer. Except, the closer they get to the truth, the closer the shifter and vampire get to unraveling her secrets, which Cora has to protect with her life.

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