9 Teacher Outfits for the End of the Year

by - May 25, 2024

School's out for summer!

These last few weeks have been super hectic. My daughter got sick, and it lasted for two weeks. Then I got sick, and that was another two weeks. Alexis had her first big spend-the-night school trip, which I chaperoned (I'll eventually have a recap post on that for y'all). Then there was my graduation ceremony, Mother's Day, field day, and honors day. This teacher mom is ready for a break, y'all!

We got to wear jeans a lot this past month, and I tend to not take pictures of those outfits since I usually wear a school t-shirt on those days. So here are nine outfits that aren't jeans. All of these are from after Spring Break, so mid-April to now. Keep in mind that where I live, spring temps are usually a bit higher -- we've already seen some 90s -- so I tend to go with lighter fabrics instead of knits, and I've long since put away all my boots.

Sizing info: I'm 5'2" and weigh about 135 lbs. I wear size 6 or small/medium in clothes and size 7 in shoes.

Shirt / Pants (similar) / Sandals (similar) / Purse / Sunglasses (similar)

Okay, I lied. This is actually from the end of March, right before Spring Break. As you can see, it was already pretty warm by then. This is one of my most re-worn work outfits, mostly because it's coincidentally school colors and incredibly comfortable. As such, all of the pieces are old. My blouse, however, is still available and comes in a bunch of color options. This is the dusty navy, and I'm wearing a medium. I love the swiss dot detail and the flutter sleeves, as well as the loose fit.

My pants are linen, so nice and lightweight. I got them on clearance at Old Navy a couple of years ago so they're long gone, but they have a lot of good linen pants options right now.

Jumpsuit / T-shirt (similar) / Shoes (similar)
How cute is this jumpsuit?! It's been so perfect for spring, but the colors will work all year I think. For school, I obviously had to layer it. Since it was warm, I layered it over a short-sleeved lavender t-shirt. In cooler weather, I would add a cardigan or jacket. In the summer, I can wear it on its own.

It's got a smocked top and pockets. The legs are nice and flowy. They're not too long but they brush the floor, probably because I got the medium instead of the small (keep in mind I'm 5'2"). My t-shirt is just a regular crew-neck t-shirt that I picked up at Walmart in a bunch of fun colors.

My shoes are no longer available. They're a nice neutral color that's just a shade darker than nude. I linked to a pair that are similar in shape and size.

Jumpsuit / T-shirt (similar) / Sneakers

This jumpsuit is the same one as the black one I've shared on here a few times. I love my gold pants a whole lot, and I figure this jumpsuit just takes it to another level. I was halfway sick on this day so I kept my outfit very simple with just a black t-shirt, but I've got lots of ideas for how to dress it up for next school year.

My sneakers are new. My black Converse, while still a favorite, aren't always the right shape, especially for looser-legged pants. It's usually because the soles aren't quite thick enough, but I don't really like the platform style Converse. I wanted something a little closer to Vans, but that wouldn't make my foot look like a boat. These fit the bill exactly. I love that they've got kind of a retro vibe. They're also nice and soft on the inside and were comfortable to wear all day.

Shirt / Skirt (similarsimilar) / Sandals (similar)

This jumps forward about two weeks from the last outfit. Remember I said I was sick for awhile? Yeah. This was the first real outfit I wore when I finally started to feel normal again.

My skirt is a few years old from Old Navy. It's hard to tell from the picture, but it's like a gingham material. It's got an elastic waist and pockets, has three tiers, and is lined. Obviously it's not available anymore, but Old Navy has two really pretty white midi/maxi skirts right now. One is a dropped waist eyelet, and the other is a crinkle gauze.

My blouse is new and comes in a ton of other color and pattern options as well as long sleeve options. It's fully lined, which is great. It says it's a loose fit, but I sized up to a medium because it's cut pretty straight and the material has no give.

I've had my sandals a little more than a year, and this was the day they broke. I fixed them and it lasted about a week. I think I got my money's worth -- I wore them almost every day last spring and summer, especially at school where I was always on my feet. I'm linking to a pair of Sodas that look exactly the same, but the pair I'm wearing are not that brand. I've been wracking my brain trying to remember where I got these but coming up blank.

Shirt (similar) / Skirt / Sandals (similar) / Earrings

This is another favorite repeat outfit. Everything is old, but my skirt and earrings are still available. This skirt is a thicker material so no need for a liner. It's tiered and has an elastic waist but no pockets. I have two other patterns, as well, but they're made of a thinner material.

These earrings are one of my favorite ways to level up an outfit, and I always get complimented on them whenever I wear them. I have them in I think nine total color combos, and despite their size they do not weigh down my ears.

Shirt / Pants (similar) / Shoes (similar)

This was such a fun outfit. My blouse came from a friend's boutique (check it out here). It's a very nice material and has a button closure on the back of the neck. You already know I love the sleeves. The last time I was in there, she still had some available. I'm wearing size small.

My pants are from last year. I got them on sale at the end of the school year from Old Navy and then never actually wore them. They're very thin, but the only thing you could see was the tail of my blouse from where I'd tucked it in. I'm not sure if the pair currently at Old Navy are the exact same pair, but they're very similar at the very least -- and on sale!

My wedges are several years old -- as in I had them when I worked at the TV station.

T-shirt / Skirt (similar) / Sneakers (unavailable)

This is one of my favorite skirts, but it's pretty old so no longer available. I linked to one that's pretty close, except where my skirt has a zipper, that one is an elastic waist.

When I saw this t-shirt in Old Navy, I knew I had to get it to wear with this skirt. The blues aren't exact matches, but I love the end result. I sized up in this t-shirt to a medium, and I'm glad I did. It's a very slim fit and will probably shrink some in the wash.

This is the kind of outfit I would normally wear sandals with, but it was kind of a rainy day, and I didn't want my feet to get wet, so I went with some gray and white vintage sneakers. I've had these for awhile and can't really find anything similar. I can link you to the current options, though, but none of them are gray.

Dress / Shirt (similar) / Sandals

This dress is so cute. It's a thicker linen material so definitely no see-through and pretty forgiving. The back of the bodice is smocked so it's got some give. The straps are wider but not adjustable. That's why I got a medium in it instead of a small. I've gotten really frustrated trying to find this dress on the website. It's brand new, and I know it's still available. It's even shown in several of their currently-running ads! So I'm linking to where it should be, which shows all the other available patterns.

My denim shirt has been with me for a long time, and those of you who've been around the blog for awhile have seen it worn a variety of ways but probably most like this. While this exact shirt is long gone, I've found one that's made for tying up like this that I really like, so that's what I've linked to.

My sandals are new. I've been wanting a pair of flat white sandals and found these at my local Rack Room. They're the X-appeal brand and run at least a half size small. I usually wear size 7 and got these in a 7.5.

I wore this for our school's final Honor's Day program for which I was asked to present an award.

I fell in love with this dress on sight -- and I wasn't even in the store yet! I love the colors and the patterns (it made me think of that one Pretty Woman dress, even though it's not polka dots). It's got a defined waist and sweetheart neckline. The length is perfect for my shorter stature even in the regular sizing, and it's got pockets. The straps are adjustable spaghetti strap so I knew I needed something to cover my shoulders for school. Luckily, they had the perfect button-up to go over the top, and I already had the perfect shoes.

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