2024 Mother's Day Gift Guide

by - May 05, 2024

15 Gift Ideas for Moms

Mother's Day is almost here! Do you know what you're getting the mom in your life?

As in years past, I've scoured my favorite sites for gift ideas to satisfy moms of all shapes and sizes. I've found 15 ideas to help inspire your Mother's Day shopping, and many of these specific items will still arrive on time if you order early enough.

Custom Watercolor Portrait - I really really love this idea. You upload your favorite photo and this seller turns it into a custom watercolor. You have several options for the final product: a digital photo file, a print poster, a print canvas wrap, or a print framed canvas. Prices range from $20-$360 depending on the format and size you choose. Speaking of size, there are seven sizes to choose from with each available in vertical or horizontal orientation.

Vintage Picture Frame - Or maybe you just want to frame a regular photo - always a classic! All you need is a great frame to put it in, and I am in love with this vintage-inspired look. I really like that it's not rectangular, too, so it'll add some personality to whatever surface mom decides to display it on.

Recycled Glass Birth Month Flower Vase - Flowers are always a classic, but why not add in a unique keepsake vase? What I love about this one is that it's made from recycled flowers!

Trinket Bowl - I love a good trinket dish, and this one is made especially for mom.

Track Your Travels DIY Watercolor Map - If your mom spends her spare time traveling around the country, this map is a fun way for her to keep track of her trips.

Anything & Everything Pouch - Speaking of traveling...this trio of pouches are perfect for keeping your packing organized. Bonus - they're water-resistant!

Book Worm Gift Set - Got a bookworm for a mom? This gift set is perfect for her. As a certified bookworm, I guarantee it. It comes with a library card tote bag, a magnetic book mark, and a bookworm trivia card game.

Customizable Wooden Recipe Book - This is the gift that keeps on giving. Not only will mom be able to store all her favorite recipes, but she'll also be able to pass them down to you!

Jewelry Travel Case - I don't know about you, but packing jewelry is the bane of my existence. This little case would solve all my problems in that department, and it's customizable.

Birthstone Necklace - Speaking of jewelry, you can get mom a necklace that holds all her children's birthstones.

Mom Blanket - There's no such thing as too many blankets, and this one is made just for mom!

Planter - For all those non-plant-killing moms out there, this artisan planter would be the perfect addition to your plant family.

Garden Tools Set - And for those moms who love to cultivate their own green space, this set of gardening tools has all she'll need to keep her garden thriving.

Pop-Up Car Trash Can - This may seem like too practical of a gift, but trust me -- this pop-up trash can for the car means one less chore for mom and hopefully a cleaner car in the process.

Multi-Tool Hammer - And last but not least, for all those times mom has to fix it herself, a hammer with a bunch of other built-in tools. It's the perfect size to keep in your catch-all drawer.

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