6 Skirts I Love to Teach in

by - April 04, 2024

Last fall, I shared nine graphic t-shirts that are a staple of my teacher wardrobe. In that post, I talked about my favorite way to wear graphic tees: with a printed skirt. In fact, I probably wear a skirt 90 percent of the time for teaching. They're easy to move in, appropriate and professional, and an easy way to share my personality.

This skirt revelation isn't exactly new, especially for those of you who've been following the blog for awhile, but you've probably noticed a change in the overall style of skirts I'm wearing. I used to wear a lot of above-the-knee skirts (and dresses), but these days I find myself leaning toward midi and/or maxi styles most. The biggest reason for this change is that I work with middle-school-age kids, but I'm also trying to dress age appropriate. While above-the-knee lengths aren't inappropriate per se, they are a bit limiting, especially in terms of range of movement (bending over is pretty much out).

I'm also trying to teach my kids appropriate style choices in an indirect way. And it's working, too. How do I know? A new shop opened downtown recently, and one of my students asked me if I shop there. When I said yes, she got excited and said she would be shopping there, too.

Anyway, I digress.  Back on track! Skirts are a huge part of my wardrobe, both professionally and casually. The six skirts I'm sharing with you today are by no means the limit of my closet. In fact, they're just a very small fraction of it. These are the ones I find myself reaching for most often lately, and they're all still available.

For sizing reference, I'm 5'2" and weigh about 135 lbs. I typically wear size 6 or s/m in clothing.

Top Row
Purple Floral (M) - I love this skirt so much! I wear it all the time. It is lined so not see-through. The material is good quality. The waistband is elastic and the skirt is tiered. On me it's a maxi length, but I can wear flat shoes without it dragging the ground.

Red Floral (M) - I got this skirt to replace/upgrade an old favorite that's not school appropriate (you can see it here). I wanted the same color combination but in a longer length. The skirt is slightly shorter in the front, but I don't think it's as noticeable in real life as it is on the model. It's lined with an elastic waist.

White Floral (M) - This skirt is not a midi length. It is almost exactly knee-length on me. This skirt has an elastic waist but is not lined. However, it's not see-through. It has a cute ruffle detail at the hem. I love this one so much that I bought it in black, too.

Bottom Row
Dark Green Floral (L) - This skirt is a little bit fancier than the others in this post, but it's been a recent favorite so it had to make the list. What sets this skirt apart the most is the fact that it doesn't have an elastic waist. Instead, the waist is flat and has a zipper closure in the back. This skirt is an A-line silhouette so a bit slimmer fitting and is a smooth polyester material. Because of the zipper and lack of stretch, I sized up.

Bright Green Floral (M) - I've had this skirt for awhile, and it transitioned seamlessly into teaching. I love the bright floral pattern. It's hard to tell here, but the base of the skirt is black, so although it's bright, you can wear darker colors with it if you want. It's lined and has an elastic waist and tiered skirt. It's maxi length on me but doesn't drag the ground if I wear flats.

Dark Blue Floral (L) - Last but certainly not least is this new favorite that I've already worn multiple times. This skirt is a navy blue base with several colors worked into the floral pattern, making it one that can be mixed and matched in several different ways. It's got a floral waist and a cute little ruffle detail on the hem. It also has pockets, which is something the other skirts on this list sadly lack. Because I've never ordered this brand before, I did size up which means I've got a little more room in the hips, which I appreciate.

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