What I Wore Lately: 7 Casual Summer Outfits

by - July 05, 2024

I can't believe we've made it to the halfway point of summer! I've spent much of my time off relaxing or with family -- or both! If you've been following along this summer, you'll know that we've been to the aquarium and a few library programs. We've also spent a lot of time at the lake.

Unfortunately, it has been unbearably hot in my neck of the woods. Not that that's unexpected; it just plays a huge part in how I get dressed, as you will see in this roundup of real outfits. I'm sad to say that I have not done any better with taking photos every day. There have been some days where I haven't actually gotten dressed, and there was one day when I really liked my outfit and had planned on taking a photo but got caught in an afternoon storm and was soaked (it was this tank top and these shorts). I also didn't take a photo of a dress that I know is no longer available (this dress is a similar style by the sane company).

I've got seven casual outfits for you plus two swimsuits I've worn recently. Remember those lake days?

Sizing info: I'm 5'2" and weigh about 135-140 lbs. I typically wear size 6 or s/m in clothes and size 7 in shoes.

Swimsuit (similar) / Sunglasses

Speaking of lake days, let's kick this roundup off with a swimsuit! I've had this swimsuit since 2020, so it isn't available anymore. I did pay more than I normally would for this suit, but it is really good quality and one of my favorites. I like that the top almost feels like a shirt. In fact, instead of a coverup, I just pulled on a pair of shorts and let the top act as a shirt when we went to dinner after coming in off the water late that afternoon. I found a really similar style and linked to that for you.

My sunglasses are still holding steady as one of my favorite things for this summer. When I tell you the tint is perfect, I mean the tint is perfect. I can't link to my hat since it's a souvenir from a 4-H camp.

I wore this on the day we tried a new Italian Ice/Ice Cream shop, Jeremiah's. I know it's not the only thing we did, but it's all I remember. They do this thing where they layer the Italian ice with the ice cream and various other toppings to create what's called a gelatini (or something like that). Anyway, I am officially obsessed.

Linen shorts are always a big summer trend, but I've never really hopped on the wagon. I always feel like I'm wearing pajamas whenever I break out a pair, but I really like this striped pair from Target. I did get these in a larger size than I normally would so that the legs would fit loose. They are nice and breathable and on the thin side, so be sure to wear light-colored underwear.

When I saw this graphic t-shirt, I couldn't resist it. I mean, cowboy skeletons? Come on! Even though I can wear a small in shirts like this, I usually get a medium for extra room around my hips. It's rare for me to tuck in a t-shirt, but I did with this outfit. It helped to make it feel less like pajamas and more like shorts.

My sandals are a pink color but very neutral. I wish I had gone up a half size, although these do fit. The straps don't have any give in them and my feet and the footbed match in length exactly, so the extra half size would make them even better. Otherwise, they're comfortable. The footbed is thin but not super flat and the straps are soft, despite their lack of stretch.

T-shirt / Shorts (similar) / Sandals (similar) / Sunglasses

I wore this the next day. We didn't do much, but we did go look at RVs and that was all outside basically in a parking lot. It was hot.

I got this graphic tee at the same time as the skeleton cowboys. I'm not usually into western-themed clothes, but I have several things in my closet that I can pair this shirt with. I decided to continue the linen shorts theme here though. Just like with the previous t-shirt, I got this in a medium.

My shorts are several years old, and I honestly don't remember where I got them. Probably Target, but they've been washed enough times that the tag has faded and the brand is unreadable. I linked to a similar pair.

My sandals are also several years old, but I do remember where I got them -- Walmart. They're the Time & True brand, and I have almost worn them out. I seriously wear them all the time in the summer. This brand does not have this style of sandal this year; instead, they have this one with the big toe strap. I tried them on the last time I was in the store and was not a fan. The footbed wasn't as comfortable as the ones I have and the toe strap was very tight. However, that's just my opinion, and you should definitely try them for yourself. I did link to a pair that's more similar to these under the photo, and if you want an actual pair of Birkenstocks click here.

Dress / PurseSunglasses / Sandals (similar)

I have no idea what we did this day. I love this dress so much. It is so flattering and comfortable. It has a smocked waist, and the neckline is elastic. It's a maxi length, and the skirt is very flowy. It's unlined but not see-through. The buttons and tie on the bodice are decorative, and it does not have pockets. I could have worn a size small in this, but I'm glad I got the medium because the arm holes are a tad snug. They are elastic, but I'm glad for the extra room.

I don't remember what we did this day, but I kept my shoes casual. I wore my trusty triple bow neutral slides, which are several years old. They kept the focus on the dress without being too boring. I linked to a cute pair of raffia slides with a bow detail that I think would have the same effect but with a more current twist.

Swimsuit - unavailable (similar, similar, similar, similar) / Sunglasses / Mermaid Tail Float

This was obviously another weekend spent at the lake. We won't talk about the weird sunburn pattern I left with, but we will talk about what is probably my favorite swimsuit! It's from two years ago so no longer available, but this suit is such good quality that I couldn't resist sharing it along with some similar options by the same company. I'm wearing the same sunglasses that I've been wearing all summer long, and my hat is still the non-linkable 4-H one I got on our Tybee trip. I did, however, find this exact mermaid tail float, but let it be noted that I did not spend $30 on ours. Not even close! However, it's been a favorite for the last couple of years so maybe it's worth that?

Not pictured here is what I wore over my swimsuit for the day, which was not a traditional cover-up, but I wanted to share the links anyway because I love both pieces. This Sunshine Vibes tank is such a good casual summer top, and it was nice and loose so there were no weird bumps from the tie on my swimsuit top. I got a medium. I wore these fringe drawstring waist shorts, which are a fun alternative to traditional jean shorts. I got a medium, which fit, but I should have sized up to a large for more leg room. They do stretch out some with wear but I would rather they already be loose.

On this day, my husband and I rode to a nearby town to eat at one of our favorite barbecue places and walked through some stores we don't have at home. Then we picked Alexis up from grandparents' later that day. I think we just hung out at the house for the rest of the day.

I have been in need of a new pair of white shorts that aren't denim. The pair I have are perfectly fine, but they're raw hemmed and just don't have that clean, grown-up look that I've been wanting. I already have several pair of these Time and True utility shorts in other colors, so when I saw they had them in white, I grabbed a pair. Now the thing I've noticed about these shorts is that the different colors fit differently, even if you get them all in the same size. I sized up to an 8 in these and am glad that I did. Be warned that these are very thin and dark underwear will be visible.

My t-shirt is just a basic graphic tee. I saw it on another blogger's page and ended up buying the entire outfit, although these shorts weren't part of it. She paired it with these linen pants, but it's been too hot to even consider wearing pants. However, I will definitely do that once school starts back in August.

T-shirtShorts / Sandals (similar)

I definitely wore these shorts again the next day, but with a different t-shirt. I've had this shirt for awhile. I love the bright yellow. It felt like such a summer outfit pairing white and yellow. We mostly hung out at the house this day, doing some cleaning up around the house and laundry, but we did go back for seconds at Jeremiah's. It's just been so dang hot, y'all. We needed something cold and sweet.

T-shirt (similar, similar) / Shorts (similar, similar) / Sandals (similar)

Everything in this outfit is so incredibly old that I can't link to any of it, but this is what I dress like most of the time in the summer. I wore this on the day we took Alexis up to the lake to camp with my parents for a few days. Then when we came back into town, we might have stopped at Jeremiah's.

These shorts have been a favorite for probably five years. These are from Old Navy, but they don't have anything even remotely close. The best I could do was link to some tie-dye options.

My t-shirt is the Love and Pineapples brand that they carry at Academy. It is maybe the softest t-shirt that I own. The back says "Inhale Tacos, Exhale Negativity." If you search that on Amazon, you find different versions of that on t-shirts and tank tops. I linked to the one that I liked the best as well as a current Love and Pineapples taco t-shirt. It's hot pink and has a different saying but it's cute.

The overalls are back! This was a pretty busy day for us. Alexis was still camping, so it was just my husband and me. We ate a nice lunch and went to a few stores. That night we fired up the grill for an at-home date night.

I do still really like these overalls. They're flattering even on days when I feel like I'm bloated and gross (probably from all the trips to Jeremiah's lol). I stuck with my pattern of pairing them with a graphic t-shirt. I started with a plain white tank top but it felt very white and I didn't like it. This t-shirt is one of my oldest ones. It's a Queen band tee and still in stock!

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