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by - May 18, 2009

For a while I thought that nothing was going my way, but once again the wonderful people in my life have proved me wrong. I was dreading going home for the summer, dreading being bored in a town where I no longer have a social life or any prospects of one, dreading not being able to see my friends, dreading not being able to find a job doing something I want to do...but after all the hassle I've gone through with university housing in the past week and a half, I had resigned myself to moving back home if only for the purpose of not having to deal with them anymore.

But it seems as if all my fears were, for lack of a better word, irrational. I'm not going to have to move home for the summer (until August at least), and I'm not going to have to look for a new job until I graduate in July. I'm going to continue drawing my Palladium paycheck through the summer since I'll still be working on proofs and putting together a policy manual for my successors. I also volunteered to work with Ms. Kate through the summer, which will entail some filing and errand-running but mostly I'll be helping her plan/coordinate the high school journalism workshop for the fall semester (J-Day), which will look really good on my resume.

I only have to deal with university housing until the end of this week, for which I am grateful. This has been the most stressful week and a half because they are so disorganized. Then I'll be moving in with my friend for the rest of the summer (2 months) so she doesn't get kicked out of her apartment. I'm excited about getting to stay in town for my last summer as a student. I'll get to spend time with people I actually want to see, which is something I wouldn't get to do at home (other than with my family).

So everything is looking up. I still don't have a "real" job, but I've got time to figure all that out. I have faith that I'll end up where I'm meant to be in the end.

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