Living on a prayer...

by - May 27, 2009

I did something that I should probably be ashamed of recently, but I'm not, and I would do it again if presented with the same situation...and that's pretty much all I have to say about that.

I'm finally completely moved in, and even have furniture. My parents are supposed to be bringing me another mattress so I can give Laura her bed back, although I don't know if they'll ever actually come back and pick it up. It's a pretty nice bed, to be honest, even if the frame is metal and squeaks with every move you make.

The ferrets are absolutely in love with my room, especially Bella. She took a nap in my fuzzy blanket on top of my bed this afternoon. It was adorable. Anya can't do that though because of her affinity with biting. They both like my giant fuzzy rabbit and fuzzy flower pillow as well. Bella keeps moving the pillow to wherever it is she wants to take a nap.

I got my last round of proofs today. I've got to actually apply the corrections tomorrow, print out all the corrected pages, write the files to the CD and mail them back to the plant. We're still waiting on the cover design to come back. I hope it turns out the way I had imagined it. I turned in the DVD yesterday and finalized a simple design for it. I need to start working on the "policy guide" for my independent study so that it can be presented to my successors at the camp we're planning for the fall. I already know what I want to include in it. It's just a matter of actually putting it together. I'm not sure exactly how I want to go about that yet. I hope it will be useful to them. The only problem will be if they don't go with Herff Jones next year because that's what the guide will be tailored to. I hope they don't switch it up. Bess is an amazing representative and they do so much for our publication that we wouldn't get with any other company. I know I'm about to graduate, but I'm genuinely worried about the future of the Palladium. I'm afraid my successors will get overwhelmed and/or let the staff walk all over them. I'm afraid the Publications Board will succeed in their attempts to move it to another department, even with the disapproval of Dr. P standing in their way. And I'm afraid that the school will accept a bid from another publication that will end up doing the same thing Jostens did 3 years ago. A part of me wishes that they could create a permanent position where I could do what I'm doing now, only with more control of the publication...kind of like being the advisor without being a professor. That would be a pretty nifty starter job, but what with proration and the budgets being cut I know it won't happen. But it would be nice to stay in Troy for a little while longer.

Speaking of jobs, I'm getting pretty freaked out about the lack of response I've had from the dozen or so positions I've applied for. Don't get me wrong, I have faith that everything will work out the way it's supposed to and I'll end up exactly where I'm meant to be. But just because I have faith doesn't mean I can't be afraid. I just wish I had some idea of where my life will be taking me after graduation. At this point, even a rejection letter/email would give me some peace of mind.

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