by - May 21, 2009

Life is starting to work itself out. Finally!

I get to wash my hands of university housing tomorrow. I'm thrilled. These last two weeks have been ridiculous. I hope the girl who's being evicted has most of her stuff gone by tomorrow. I think she's planning on it, but who knows really. I've got to start packing what few things I have up here to move over there. And then I'll pick up the rest of my stuff from home this weekend.

My dad brought us a microwave yesterday, and we might be able to use his old couch. It just depends on the kind of shape it's in. We'll find out when we go down to my grandparents' for the family reunion. We're also going to look at the extra beds they have. Hopefully I can use one of those, too, although Laura did say she would let me borrow her bed until I got one of my own up here. But I don't want to do that for too long. I kind of want curtains, too. The window in that room is way too big for my one panel, and I really don't want to deal with the sun all day 'cause that's what side of the apartment my room will be on.

I found out yesterday that my grandmother has cancer in her lungs...but she doesn't want anyone to know because she doesn't want us to worry. Hopefully since it's small they'll be able to treat and/or remove it. It's scary to think about.

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