What Not to Say

by - January 18, 2010

You've heard of What Not To Wear. Well this is "What Not To Say."

To your boyfriend.

I found this article on, where else, Yahoo. It's called "10 Things You Should Never Say To Your Boyfriend."

And since I don't actually have a boyfriend, I thought my comments on what they have to say would be completely appropriate.

1. My ex did the exact same thing!
First of all, you don't want him to talk about his ex-girlfriend. Why on earth would you think he wants to be compared to your ex-boyfriend? That's like saying he's going to become your ex as well.

2. *Insert Friend Name* is pregnant. Shhh!
Can you say TMI? Guys don't care about that kind of thing. Straight guys at least.

3. When we're married/have kids...
This one I don't understand unless you're in a new relationship. Obviously you don't want to start planning a family with someone you've only been out with once! But for all you guys in serious relationships, it's perfectly normal to talk about your life together if indeed the two of you plan on staying together.

4. Do you think she's pretty?
This just isn't fair. If he says yes, he's in trouble. If he says no, we automatically assume he's lying. Just don't put him in the situation to start with.

5. "I'm fine" or "Never mind" when something is wrong.
Hopefully if you're in a real relationship - not one of those middle school oh-em-gee-I-love-you relationships - you're mature enough to talk about your problems with your significant other, especially if it's something to do with them. Putting it off doesn't do anyone any good. In fact, it just makes the inevitable blow-up worse.

6. I just let one go.
First of all, why would a female EVER say that?! Do parents not teach their little girls to be ladies anymore? I mean, honestly. That's just gross.

7. I'll try anything once.
Anything? You sure about that? You better be before you make that statement.

8. Are you sure you're okay? (repeatedly, even after he's assured you multiple times)
Are you crazy? You're just going to start a fight for no reason and ruin everybody's day. Move on already!

9. I hate my *insert body part*.
Unless he's a total jerk, he wouldn't be in a relationship with you if he didn't find you attractive, and I'm pretty sure he gets tired of hearing you over-criticize different aspects of your appearance. Guys are pretty simplistic about looks - no makeup is a good thing; messy hair looks wonderful; and they don't even notice if your lipstick doesn't perfectly match your nail polish.

10. I hate your relative(s)/best friend(s).
Think about it. You'd get pissed if he said he hated yours. It's the same principle.

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  1. I read that same article. I thought most of it made women seem like inferior beings. But maybe that's just me.