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by - January 28, 2010

So a few months ago, one of my coworkers introduced me to a website - Stuff Journalists Like. It's just what it says: a list of stuff journalists like. And since I have nothing good to write about today I decided to revisit the site and share with you some things this journalist likes.

Free Food - this is just a given. I mean, I'd like free food even if I wasn't a journalist. But for real though, you should see how fast the newsroom empties out at the mention of food in the lobby. It's like a race.

Inverted Pyramids - okay, so I'm a nerd. But this style of writing is really helpful when your space is limited. It's designed specifically so you can cut from the bottom. How convenient is that?

Reporters Notebooks - well, anything to write on really. I especially love post-its. My coworkers hoard reporters notebooks. The news director has them hidden in her office now. They're like crack for journalists!

Police Scanners - actually, I don't like police scanners. They're impossible to understand and our assignment editor insists on having them turned up to the most ridiculously loud decibel. But they do break the silence of the long overnight hours I work.

AP Stylebook - this is like my Bible. Seriously.

Press Passes - they're like a magical ticket to anywhere.

Low Pay - I must. Otherwise I'd have chosen another profession.

Crazy People - without them work would be so dull. A day without at least one phone call from a crazy person just isn't complete.

Firefox - it's just way better than Internet Explorer (as I work in Internet Explorer to write this blog).


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  1. Ha. IE is terrible. I just wish everything would function on Firefox.

    And crazy people are cool. Maybe it's just the fact that crazy gets along better with crazy.