Life According to Me

by - April 19, 2010

I'm going to start this off with an apology to those of you who read and comment. I haven't been ignoring you, your comments or your posts on purpose. Last week was really crazy. So crazy, in fact, that I barely had time to post and actually didn't even realize I hadn't posted on Thursday until Friday. Whoops. So, yeah. I'm sorry I've been neglecting you guys and I can't really promise to get caught up anytime soon.

Sunday nights/Monday mornings are the worst days (relatively speaking) for me, mainly because I revert back to a normal schedule, i.e. I sleep during dark hours, for the majority of the weekend. What that means is that even if I get a chance to take a nap for a few hours, I rarely fall asleep because I've had a full night's sleep the night before. So I end up coming to work with an hour or two of sleep or none at all. Today it's none at all. So right now I'm running on pure adrenaline, the effects of a 30 minute power nap (courtesy of my break) and chocolate. The crash is inevitable but lucky for me still a few hours down the road.

Some exciting things are happening at work. Remember when I told you about the changes my team and I were going to propose to the boss last week? Well, she totally went for them and took it a step further, which was way more than we were shooting for. Nonetheless we're extremely happy/excited about what's to come. This week we're actually going to reformat the entire show to make it more viewer friendly and improve the flow. Here's what the show looks like now:

In other words, it's really intense for a morning show. We don't want to lessen the validity of the show or turn it into a talk show, but we are going to bust up some of the news and break down some of the weathers. We're even going to add in some new segments. Right now we're shooting for a Pet Tips and a Pediatrician Corner kind of thing. The problem we ran into when trying to come up with new stuff is that a lot of topics are very gender-specific and our audience is actually pretty 50/50. So we decided that pets were male and female friendly and kids were always a good direction. Plus, no one else in this area does anything like those and we wouldn't be competing with our other shows that have live elements.

Basically, things are about to get really interesting at work. Our ratings were up in the last sweeps and we're about to be in another. We're getting to try out new ideas and I finally feel like I really know what I'm doing when it comes to producing a quality show that people actually want to watch.

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