Russian Roulette Is Not The Same Without A Gun

by - April 09, 2010

I've been sick the past few days so I honestly have nothing blogworthy to talk about. But I do have something to show you. This is stemming from Christina in Wonderland's topic on Thursday. Well, indirectly. She was talking about Lady Gaga, who for the most part I'm a fan of. I absolutely loathe the disco stick song though. I loathe it so much I haven't even deemed it necessary to learn its name.

Anyway, Christina admitted to recently starting to dig Lady Gaga's music and specifically mentioned Poker Face. So I told her if she liked that song she should check out Chris Daughtry's version, which is all rocked out and cool. Well, that comment prompted a whole lotta responses about Daughtry singing that song, so I decided I would find the video and share it with my readers.

So, here you go. Chris Daughtry's version of Poker Face.

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  1. If ever Chris Daughtry gets divorced, I need to know immediately. I'd totally marry him! I'm effing in love with him now. Will you help me? Let's sabotage his marriage.

  2. *drool* Daughtry. How do I love thee?

    And the name of the songs is "Love game."

    Lol. "Let's have some fun this beat is sick..."

    You know the rest. :)

    Sorry you've been sick! Feel better. I command you!

  3. Richard: I like her music, not her/him.

    Gnetch: Which one of us gets to be the porn-star mistress that Tiger Woodses him? 'Cause that would be pretty effective, I think.

    Christina: Yes, I know the rest. I hate that song and can't believe it's played on the radio. What is society coming to?!