by - November 17, 2010

Did you guys know requesting an old friend's phone number because you somehow lost it and asking how he/she is doing from time to time is inappropriate?

Not to mention disrespectful to his/her significant other as well as your own?

Well, I guess you do now.

Oh, and apparently I'm both inappropriate and disrespectful.

So now that friend whose number I requested, while saying 'I hope you're doing well', has been permanently deleted off of facebook instead of just put on a hidden list.

And his significant other has been blocked, after I told her to get over herself.

Take that, world!

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  1. I didn't know that. You should have done what I do, just act like you got a new phone and lost all your numbers. Oh and then make a facebook group and invite everyone to it. (Kidding about that last part!)

  2. Oh, is that so?? Dang! They should publish a rule book that states how inappropriate and disrespectful that is. :)

  3. I lost his number when I got a new phone... back towards the beginning of the year. But I didn't realize I didn't have it because we haven't spoken/texted since the beginning of the year because his gf is psychotic.

    I only realized I didn't have his number when I wanted to send him something... more than a month ago actually.

    His gf just went nuts for no reason, and directed her comment at a wall post from back in May congratulating him on his new baby.

    She's the reason we haven't physically spoken in a year and our texts/messages have dropped off to none in the last 6 months or so.

    Letting him know I'd lost his number was the first contact I'd initiated with him in months.

    Insecurity is a bitch... literally.

  4. That is so jank. I mean, that's just so stupid. I think it's more disrespectful to request those numbers from other people. But, like you said, his girlfriend is jealous...