Return to the World of Overnight Producing

by - November 01, 2010

I'd like to welcome you all to another not-so-exciting edition of "Ashton's working overnights again" blogging.

That's right. I'm back to the joy of working overnight. My body is getting ready to hate me... again.

But enough of that borderline whining and onwards to the good stuff! Or lack thereof.

So, it's my first night back working alone and it just so happens to be Halloween. I work in an old hotel that could very well be haunted, but I don't like to think about that especially since the boyfriend made me watch Paranormal Activity and I keep having random flashbacks to it. *shudder*

You would think that with tonight being Halloween the scanners would be alive with activity and thus providing me some form of entertainment, but no! For the most part they've been silent, leaving me with nothing to focus on but the moaning of the refrigerator and the random bumps in the night that make this place so homey. Oh, and there was a nice little 'welcome back' gift I've yet to tell you about.

Remember my last week of working this shift? The week when the creepy guy kept calling? Well he called tonight! How bizarre is that? He wanted to know if we would have news tomorrow [duh!], told me Happy Halloween, asked me to play Simon Says twice and then told me I was nice.

I'm not up for round two with this guy.

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  1. Okay! Say no more! I promise not to call again! (LOL)

  2. He knew you're back to working night shift? He IS creepy!!

  3. When I was producing at my first station a drunk used to call our newsroom practically every night for a couple of years. Whoever was unlucky enough to pick up the line he was on got to listen to him ramble for a half hour or more about the Vietnam War, politics, religion and his personal problems. He said the same things every time he called. I felt sorry for the guy and stayed on the line with him as long as possible before cutting him off. I realized that he was miserable and felt powerless and that he was desperate to connect with somebody who would listen and value his opinion; but with a deadline approaching and a news program to produce, it just wasn't the right time or place. His calls became such a distraction that we finally asked the switchboard operator to stop patching him through.

  4. Ash, I do believe you have a stalker. If he calls back again, I'd call the police. It's weird. Really, really weird.

    And as for the Paranormal Activity flashbacks... they pass eventually. Give it a few weeks.

  5. @Shady: There's a guy that calls every evening, between shows luckily. He usually calls multiple times. His name is Paul and someone always talks to him.

    This guy that's calling overnight though isn't like Paul. It's not cool and I'm seriously close to calling the police.

  6. Sorry for making light of it earlier. I wasn't aware that you regarded the creepy guy as a real threat. If your radar tells you he is then you need to report him.