Just Hit Pause

by - December 09, 2010

Ain't that the truth?

I was looking for inspirational pictures when I came across this. Upon seeing it, I found myself nodding in agreement.

Who of us hasn't found ourselves wishing we could rewind time to spend more time with someone we love or have lost? Even if it's just to tell them goodbye.

Who of us hasn't wanted to fast forward through a difficult or trying situation? Wouldn't it be nice if "what doesn't kill us makes us stronger" could be an instantaneous thing...

And who of us hasn't found ourselves in a moment so perfect that we wanted to pause time and savor every second?

But all we really need to do is press play and take things as they come. After all, how can we ever move forward if we're constantly rewinding time? And how can we create meaningful relationships or memories if we're constantly fast-forwarding through the rough spots? And how are we to have more perfect moments if we never leave the one we're in now?

One single experience does not define who we are. It's those rough spots that come to define our character. And it's the sum of those perfect moments that makes it all worthwhile.

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  1. That's a very healthy attitude, Ashton. I've read enough blogs to know that everybody's life is a rollercoaster ride with regular ups and downs. All you need to do is keep riding them out. You can't appreciate the great times unless and until you have endured the awful times.

  2. And now all I can think of is the movie "Click". I think I'd like to be able to use controls to fast forward through the bad stuff, but that's when you do most of your growing as a person, so maybe it's good that we can't. We become better people that way.