New Producer Training Round 2, Part II

by - December 02, 2010

It's day 4 of new producer training, a.k.a. flying solo day.

On day 1, we were introducing a new format to the show. What that means is that I didn't really go into too much depth with the whole teaching process. In fact, other than talk my way through what I was doing, I didn't go into any depth at all. I was more concerned with getting all the kinks and wrinkles ironed out of the show, and honestly just watching the process on the first day can be pretty overwhelming for an hour-long show.

On day 2, I introduced her to the process in a more intimate way. I had her help me choose what stories would go into the rundown and the order they would run. She also helped me edit scripts and watched as I slowly edited videos. Then when it came time for the show, she checked the tape list and ran the server.

On day 3, she chose the stories for the show and I helped her rearrange them. Then she edited all of the scripts. Then I talked her through editing the video. And once again, she was in control backstage.

Today, day 4, is essentially me clipping her dependency on me some more. She had to choose all of the stories and decide where they would run. After she did that, I checked to make sure she understood the concept. Then, she had to edit all of her scripts. Of course I was reading behind her though just in case. And right now, as I type, she's in the edit bay cutting her videos. Once she's done, I'll check them to make sure they're alright.

Tomorrow is the final day of training, a.k.a. 'you're on your own, kid' day. She's going to completely produce the show by herself, and I'll only check things when she's done.

Then on Monday morning, she's completely on her own and I'm back to the evening shift.

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  1. Yay! It seems like everything's going smoothly in your step-by-step training. As you pointed out weeks ago every producer has his or her own personal style. Industry insiders can spot those differences rather easily but I can't help wondering how many viewers will be sharp enough to notice the changes once a new producer takes over the reigns of the morning show.

  2. The "you're on your own, kid" day? Lol. Nice name for it. Guess kids have to grow up sometime. :)