An Open Letter to "Mr. Fabulous"

by - September 15, 2011

this one's for my work friends

 Dear Mr. Fabulous,

Your email updates are a constant source of entertainment for our newsroom, but don't go thinking that's a good thing... We usually end up making fun of you, that is when we're not plotting ways to eliminate you from our lives.

Things are just so hectic!

 So that's why you are the way you are? I'm sure most of us would say it's because of something else...

You turn one story a day, and yet you always find some way to stir up drama. Whether it's pitting your stations against one another or pissing off your producers, there's no shortage of drama where you're concerned.

Things are just so crazy around here!

You think it's crazy in your bureau? You should try working in our newsroom. Or maybe not. I'm not so sure you'd make it out of there alive. If the work load didn't do you in, I'm sure I or one of my counterparts would. At the very least, I'm positive you would end up crying at some point.

So be a doll, won't ya, and tone down your fabulousness so the rest of us can tolerate working with you.

Your Fabulous Producer

P.S. What's the deal with the billboard? Seriously?!

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  1. i find there is ALWAYS someone to hate at work. at least one person has to RUIN EVERYTHING. seriously.

    and there is a minimum of one annoying hand-raising-know-it-all-jerk-off in every classroom. ANNOYING. i strive to NEVER BE THAT PERSON.

  2. I just keep thinking about the Party Pooper song, lol.