Chaos in the Control Room: Final Day

by - June 02, 2012

So yesterday was my final mock show, only this one was a live replay of the 10:00 show on one of our other channels. In other words, it was a real show - a chance to see all the new stuff in action.

I must say it went really well, much better than I hoped, especially considering I missed three days of work this week because I caught a contagious virus (that's a story for another day) and this was my first live playback. I had done several mock shows, but none of them had OTSes that matched or even the right video.

There were a few glitches - like audio being clipped too early or not cut on early enough. We also had an issue with weather. My meteorologist got covered up with his graphics somehow. I assume the wrong code had been put in by my director. Unfortunately though, everyone at home who probably wouldn't have noticed the mistake definitely knew one had been made because my meteorologist basically stopped and then called undeniable attention to it.

Something happened with my sports guy's video. He, however, handled it wonderfully. He rolled with the punches and while it was probably obvious something was missing from his show, he didn't pitch a fit on air.

All in all, I'm pleased with the way things turned out. It looked like a real show, and let's be honest - the glitches that happened last night could and probably will happen when we launch on Sunday.

So stay tuned next week for my 'Introduction to HD' posts as we completely switch all of our equipment over. It should be exciting.

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