This Isn't Burger King

by - June 30, 2012

You know those people who always have to have it their way?
Chances are you've dealt with them in school, work or just everyday life. And chances are the dealings you've had with those types of people are frustrating to say the least.

My station has dealt with such a situation for the past few months. The issue has finally been resolved, but it wasn't an easy road to walk down.

Everyone this person came into contact with ended up with a bad taste in their mouth. He burned literally every bridge he had at this station, which in this business is a bad thing. At the rate people move around, the chances of you running into someone again later down the road are really high. I would hate to go to another station and not have any bridges when I got there.

The communications industry, regardless of if it's television, newspaper, public relations or even magazines, is a small industry. Yes, it stretches across the country, and even around the world, but we're a tight-knit group. I know people in the business on the East Coast, Gulf Coast and the West Coast, not to mention in the desert and the badlands. As a station we work together, but we also have relationships with other stations all across the country. We share things - from ideas, to video and advice. If you want to make it, you learn how to work with other people.

So if you think you want to work in journalism of any kind, here's a piece of advice for you:

Remember that in order for you to be successful, the organization you're working with (notice I didn't say for) has to be successful as well. It's not always about you, and just because the plans and policies that are in place weren't your idea doesn't mean they're wrong.

This isn't Burger King. We don't do things your way. We do things our way. If you lose sight of that, you just might find yourself working at BK.

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