by - June 07, 2012

Life rarely leads us where we expect it to.

Sometimes opportunities come along that are just what we need. We just don't know that we need them until we take that chance.

And isn't that what life is all about? Taking chances. It's what gets us where we're going.

Of course, we could all take the safe route, the road most frequently traveled. We could step in someone else's footsteps and end up exactly where they are, but is that what we need?

If I hadn't ventured into the totally unknown side of journalism that is broadcast, I wouldn't be where I am now - running a newsroom. I wouldn't have met any of the amazing people I know, including my fiance. I would probably be hundreds of miles from home, working at a print publication with no real job security.

So take a chance on the road you don't have a map for. Maybe your destination should be happiness instead of 'job' anyway.

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