by - July 20, 2012

Today has been a rough day. I know the shooting happened clear across the country from where my station is, but that’s all we’ve covered.

From how our local police departments are prepared for similar situations … to whether movie-goers are changing their plans to see The Dark Knight Rises … and even revisiting the deadliest mass shooting in Alabama history, which happened in our viewing area … today has been mentally stressful.

I’ve heard 911 calls, police scanner traffic … the chaos and panic surrounding that theater in Aurora, Colorado, was truly tear jerking.

My station has gotten several comments about how the media is fear-mongering. While our goal is not to instill a sense of fear in our viewers, the truth of the matter is that a situation like the one in Aurora could happen anywhere. To think otherwise is ignorant and naive.

Our hearts go out to the family and friends of those killed, injured or otherwise involved in that shooting, as well as to the first responders who had no idea what they were walking into but went in anyway. May God heal your hurts and your hearts, but may you never forget so that you are always aware of the realness of the world around you.

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  1. I've heard about it in the news. It was so tragic. :(

  2. simple but straight to the point. i really liked this post. thanks for sharing your angle.