10 Things I Hope to Teach My Daughter

by - January 20, 2015

1. You are not the center of the universe.

2. Respect your elders, even when they don't respect you.

3. No one owes you anything. You have to work for the things you want.

4. Life isn't fair.

5. Just because you can do everything a man can do, doesn't mean you should.

6. The most important thing is what's on the inside but looks do matter, so make an effort to look nice every time you leave the house.

7. Read something. It doesn't matter what it is - books, magazines, blogs, newspapers, comics, etc.

8. Think before you speak, especially if you're angry.

9. Social media is the root of all evil. Think about the things you post. Once it's out there in cyber space, it's always going to be there.

10. Do a little research and form your own opinion.

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  1. Hi, Ashton! This is all sound advice. Sadly, I doubt many parents bother to teach these principles to their children. #1 and #3 address the growing problem of young generations with a sense of entitlement. #6 is important because people who look their best get picked for teams, clubs and jobs. It's a fact of life. #8 and #9 will help prevent bullying or becoming the target of a bully.

    #7 - Please give your daughter my blog address! :)