Dictionary Downfall

by - May 27, 2015

Dear Merriam-Webster,

I can get on board with you adding "selfie" and "photobomb" to your pages. I can even understand putting "twerk" in the T's. And certainly "emoji" deserved a place. Those words are used on a daily basis by a majority of the people in this world.

I barely supported your adding of "LOL" and "OMG". (OK, so not really.) But I cannot and will not support your additions of "YOLO", "WTF" and "NSFW".

They're not even words for crying out loud!

Adding these so-called words to the dictionary is, in my opinion, only furthering the demise of face-to-face communication.

Of course, the people who would use YOLO, WTF or NSFW probably have never even cracked open a dictionary or at the very least used an online version. But I suppose us old folks will one day need a way to look up the latest acronym our grandchildren just texted us with.

Someone concerned with the future language skills of our youth

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  1. the English language sure has taken a beating in the last several years.

    the examples cited above are not really WORDS, but abbreviations.