Talking Ta-Tas?

by - May 19, 2015

Ladies, have you ever had a day where you just feel blah, a little down in the dumps, not confident at all? Those days are over thanks to the "Wearable Womanliness-Boosting Bra" from Triumph International Japan.

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This new concept bra will give you the pep talk you need to get through any situation.

Got a big presentation at work? Your bra will motivate you with phrases like, "If you give it your best, you'll be OK! Go for it!"

Not feeling beautiful? No problem! Your bra will reassure you that you're not just beautiful but very beautiful.

Feeling a little drab? Don't worry - your  bra comes with a built-in wow factor: lighted straps that you can activate by simply saying "Illuminate my bust, décolletage magical light on!"

For all you health nuts out there, the WWBB comes equipped with a special heart-shaped sheath for your smartphone that will record health data including how many steps you've taken, how far you've traveled, how many calories you've burned and how many hours you've slept.

Got a crush but don't know how to let him know? The WWBB has you covered. Simply press the "heartbeat switch" and your bra will measure your heartbeat and the lights will flash to the same rhythm.

And if you struggle with your selfie game, this bra is exactly what you need. It comes equipped with a selfie stick and the detachable skirt turns into a photography board so you'll have the perfect lighting!

Now for the bad news (there's always a catch). The "Wearable Womanliness-Boosting Bra" isn't actually for sale.

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  1. I have come to testify, dear Ashton. Ever since I started wearing this bra it has worked wonders for my self esteem - cross my heart! :)

    I never heard of this thingy. Seems to me if they "developed" this miracle bra they plan to market it to young fashionistas someday soon. Seems like there's no end to the things it can do. Can it cook a man a good meal? :)

    Thanks for the smiles, dear friend, and please give your baby a kiss for me. P.S. - I became a grandfather for the 4th time on May 18!

    1. It does not, in fact, cook dinner. Maybe the next model will.

      And congratulations on your newest grandbaby!