Weekend Wrap

by - April 17, 2016

It's been a rough week in the Wright household. On top of getting four shots on her birthday, Alexis also got some kind of virus which led to an ear and sinus infection...and of course, mommy got it all just in time for the weekend. As a result, I only worked Monday, Tuesday and part of Wednesday. That means I didn't share a lot this week but did want to share what I found with you guys. Enjoy!

21 Reasons Why Being Bilingual is The Absolute Coolest

It finally happened - the world's first Pastafarian wedding

Blogging rules to break

Funny things sleep-deprived moms have done

Photos from Netflix's Gilmore Girls revival

Hope everyone is having a good weekend!

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  1. Hi, Ashton!

    I'm sorry to learn that your daughter took ill on her first birthday and that you caught the bug from her. It never fails! I hope you are both on the road to recovery by now.

    Tomorrow is a very important day on SDMM, another birthday celebration. I cordially invite you to come by and write a few kind words for a very special lady. Thank you very much, dear friend Ashton!