What I'm Watching: Disney Junior (As Ranked by Alexis)

by - April 20, 2016

We watch a lot of Disney Junior these days. In fact, there have been times I've put Alexis down for a nap and never changed the channel to a more adult show. We have Mickey Mouse and Sophia constantly recording new episodes so that we'll always have something to put on for Alexis. Trust me, when it's the middle of the night and the only thing that calms your sick, fussy baby down is Mickey Mouse, you make sure there's always one available. So without further ado -- here are our 5 most-watched Disney Junior shows as ranked by Alexis.

1. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
This isn't the Mickey Mouse you and I grew up watching. It's all computer animated and not a hint of cartoon-violence anywhere. Every day, Mickey and his pals (Minnie, Daisy, Donald, Goofy & Pluto) team up to solve a problem. They always have Mouskatools to help them along the way, although the form changes from time to time - we recently watched one where all of the tools were mystery Mouskatools. Alexis' favorite character is hands-down Mickey. She doesn't watch full episodes for the most part; her attention span isn't that long yet. She comes back for the songs, especially the Hot Dog Dance. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse may be Alexis' favorite show, but it's my least favorite because of the interactive nature of the episodes. And I absolutely can't stand Donald - he has a terrible attitude!

2. Sophia the First
Princess Sophia is about an ordinary village girl who becomes a princess overnight when her mom marries the king. The show is about her journey learning how to be a princess. She has a special amulet that lets her talk to animals, transform into a mermaid and summon other Disney princesses in times of trouble. There's always a lesson to learn, and the best part (in my opinion) is that isn't interactive! There's a lot of singing and it's very colorful, both of which are attractive to Alexis.

3. Doc McStuffins
Dottie, a.k.a Doc, has a magical stethoscope that brings her toys to life. There's always something that goes wrong with a toy that Doc has to fix. The show is broken down into 15 minute segments, which is about the limit of Alexis' attention span. Again, there's lots of singing and dancing, which is what catches her attention right now. This is actually the only show that Alexis has sat still for an entire segment.

4. The Lion Guard
I'm not gonna lie - as a kid who grew up when The Lion King was king, this series is right up my alley. It's about Simba's son, Kion, and his friends who make up the lion guard. Their job is to protect the pridelands. It pretty much picks up right where The Lion King left off. Right now, Alexis really only responds to the singing, but I can't wait until we can sit and watch entire episodes together!

5. PJ Masks
This show is a little over Alexis' head right now, but she'll actually sit still and watch it for a few minutes. I think it's because of the bright colors. Anyway, PJ Masks is about three friends - Greg (Gekko), Connor (Catboy) and Amaya (Owlette) -  who turn into superheroes at night, because "bedtime is the right time to fight crime!" They face aptly-named night villains to solve crimes that affect kids during the day, all while conquering personal issues of their own.

Disney Junior has a lot more shows to offer than just these five. My honorable mentions are Miles From Tomorrowland and The Octonauts, both of which we watch occasionally but not consistently enough for this list. There are also fun shorts like Minnie's Bow Toons, Whisker Haven and Molang, but those won't show up in your guide.

You can learn more about each show, as well as watch full episodes and play games with your little ones at disneyjunior.disney.com/

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  1. Luke's faves are MMC, Special Agent Oso, Little Einsteins (lots of music!), Chuggington, Handy Manny...we do a lot of Netflix because some of these aren't regularly on! :)

    1. We've watched one episode of Octonauts, which I think she would like but I can't figure out when it actually comes on during the week!