Product Review: Blue Light Blocking Glasses

by - January 03, 2019

As a work-from-home mom, I spend at least four days a week at my computer. During the time I worked in television news, I spent eight-plus hours a day five days a week either at a computer or in a control room full of screens. Not counting the time I've spent working on this blog, that's nearly 2,500 days spent staring at a screen. So needless to say, my eyes are tired, especially at the end of the day. Some afternoons it's so bad I can't focus my eyes enough to read the guide on the TV. So last month I decided to try a pair of blue light blocking glasses.

There are lot of blue light blocking glasses on the market, so I spent a lot of time reading reviews and comparing prices. I wanted something that worked but wasn't expensive. I ultimately decided on the LifeArt Blue Light Blocking Glasses. They have more than 300 reviews on Amazon, most of which are positive, have an overall 4.5 star rating, and only cost about $20.

I'm a Prime member, so I got my glasses in two days. They came with a hard protective case, cleaning cloth, blue light blocking card and light that I couldn't figure out how to use), and a screwdriver that I probably will never use.

LifeArt claims their computer reading glasses relieve symptoms of eye fatigue, reduce headache symptoms, and improve sleep. They're also supposed to be scratch and smudge resistant.

I've been using these glasses for about a month now and can definitely tell a difference. Usually after a couple of hours working my eyes start to burn and I start to feel a little headachey (thank goodness for my daith piercings). Since I started wearing my LifeArt Blue Light Blocking Glasses, my eye strain has been drastically reduced. I no longer experience burning or tension when I spend all day on my computer. They reduce glare, are lightweight, and cute to boot! I've actually forgotten I was wearing them and left the house more than once with them still on. I haven't noticed any change in my sleep, but I try not to be on my computer right before bed anyway.

As for the claims of being anti-scratch and anti-smudge, I haven't had any scratches, but they do get smudges, especially from fingerprints. The little cloth that came with them gets rid of any smudges with a little dedication.

In conclusion, if you spend hours a day in front of a computer and have tired eyes at the end of the day, you should seriously try a pair of blue light blocking glasses.

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