Valentine Gift Ideas

by - January 31, 2019

Until I met my husband, I had never been in a 'real' relationship on Valentine's Day and had therefor never celebrated. Our first Valentine's together was about a year after we started dating. He bought me a beautiful necklace that I still wear today and treated me to a steak dinner. Since then, our 'celebrations' have varied greatly. One year, before the baby, we took a weekend trip, but most years we just go to dinner if we do anything. Other than that first year, we don't exchange gifts and we don't go over-the-top with Alexis. However, I know that most of you probably do celebrate in some form so I rounded up some budget-friendly gift ideas for everyone.

Valentine's Gifts for Her
1. Heartbeat Necklace
What better way to show your sweetheart how much you love her than by giving her a piece of your heart? This pretty necklace comes in rose gold or silver, is under $20, and has fantastic reviews.

2. Fujifilm Instax Mini Camera
With this mini camera, your lady can instantly print out memories. At under $50, it's a steal.

3. Nine West Wristwatch
This watch is so feminine but the square face gives it a little more uniqueness. It comes in taupe/rose gold, pink/silver, and brown/gold.

4. Cozy Sweater
Amazon is a treasure trove of sweaters. I've currently got this pretty pink, blue and gray sweater in my cart.

Valentine's Gifts for Him
1. Wireless Charger Pad
This is something my husband actually wants, except for an iPhone.

2. Swiss Army Pocket Knife
Personally, I believe every man should have a pocket knife, and you can't go wrong with this classic.

3. Car-chargable Flashlight
My husband, dad, and brother are all addicted to flashlights, and this is one I don't believe they have! It's perfect to keep in the car and doesn't need batteries.

4. LED Fan Clock
Ok, so this is just cool, and I know my tech-obsessed husband would love it if he worked a desk job.

Valentine's Gifts for Kids
1. Valentine's Book
There are a lot of Valentine's themed books out there. We love 'Happy Valentine's Day, Mouse!'

2. Heart Jewelry
You can't go wrong with heart-shaped jewelry, and these studs would be perfect for a pre-teen or even teenager (or me ha!).

3. Crayola Color Bath Drops
I love gifts that let Alexis be creative, and I know she would love these Crayola bath drops.

4. Scissor Skills Activity Book
I also love a gift that helps develop a skill, like this scissor skills activity book.

5. Board Games
Teenagers probably prefer video games, but for younger kids traditional board games are a fun way to keep them entertained quietly. Also, they're cheap! Alexis is very into Candy Land and Chutes and Ladders these days.

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