My 14 Favorite Movies About Love

by - January 28, 2019

I love movies about love. They can be corny (like those Hallmark movies that suck you in without warning), dramatic, or funny. I don't need a reason to watch a lovey-dovey movie, but with Valentine's Day just around the corner, it seemed like a grand idea to share my current 14 favorite movies about amor, in no particular order.

The Holiday
I know this is technically a Christmas movie, but it's not so overdone with a Christmas theme that I can't watch it all year long. Two women trade homes for two weeks to escape their love lives and rediscover themselves. My favorite little subplot in this movie is the friendship Iris strikes up with a legendary Hollywood director.

To All the Boys I've Loved Before
Netflix knocked it out of the park with this one. When it was first released, I watched it three times in one week. A teen girl's secret letters to the boys she's liked over the years get mailed. In an effort to control the damage, she and one of the recipients pretend to date. You can guess what happens next. It's so innocently sweet and well done. And no, I have not read the books.

Dirty Dancing
Is it a cliche that I love this movie? I will literally watch this every time it's on TV. A girl and her family spend the entire summer at a lodge where she meets and falls in love with the head dancer. Of course her family doesn't approve but everything works out in the end with a big dance number, of course.

You've Got Mail
Back when Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks ruled the rom-coms together. A local bookstore owner and mega-bookstore chain owner become email friends, neither knowing who the other is. Eventually, the big bookstore puts the smaller out of business, and one of them learns the other's identity.

10 Things I Hate About You
The moment in cinematic history when teenagers and young women fell in love with Heath Ledger.  Boy takes 'job' of dating girl so girl's sister can go to prom with school jerk. Boy and girl genuinely fall for each other and the sister ends up with someone else entirely. The cast of this movie is so great. Julia Stiles' character was such a badass, and I always respected that she refused to do what everyone thought she should.

This may be the one movie I regret not seeing in theaters. We all know the story, and we all have opinions on 'the door.' And even though I've lost count of how many times I've watched this movie, I will still watch it from beginning to end when it comes on.

Original Sin
This movie is not safe for kids (and possibly teenagers), but man is it good. Antonio Banderas and Angelina  Jolie are a husband and mail-order bride, except she's not who she says she is. Will  the truth destroy their relationship?

The Notebook
Who can say no to this Nicholas Sparks classic? Summer love turns into a lifelong romance, but not without some bumps along the way.

Captain America or Thor
Ok, so these maybe aren't what you'd classify as romance movies, but of the Avengers movies, these two have my favorite couples - Steve Rogers and Peggy Carter vs Thor and Jane Foster. I grouped them together because I only wanted to list one of this particular genre but then couldn't decide between them.

The Princess Bride
No movie list would be complete without a cult favorite. For me, it's gotta be The Princess Bride. Wesley goes through some serious stuff to get Buttercup back. This movie is funny in a clever way and has so many good one liners. If you've never seen it, this B-Day is the perfect time.

Pretty Woman
Who doesn't love a story about a knight riding in on his great steed to rescue the damsel? True fans will appreciate my little joke. A wealthy businessman hires a hooker to accompany him to events during his business trip. They fall for each other but go their separate ways, temporarily.

On the Town
This is my favorite Gene Kelly movie. Three sailors get 24 hours shore leave in NYC and make the most of it. They meet three girls, but one disappears so they spend a good but of the movie searching for and then 'rescuing 'her.

Some Like It Hot
Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon play out-of-work musicians who, after witnessing a gang assassination, masquerade as women in an all-time band with Marilyn Monroe. Curtis goes back and forth between disguises to try to win Monroe, while Lemmon is courted by a wealthy mama's boy. And let's not forget the gangsters who show back up. This black-and-white rom-com will have you in stitches.

Girl Happy
Elvis made a lot of movies movies about love. This is my favorite. He plays a musician who's hired to chaperone a teenager on Spring Break. He fails miserably and all the girls end up in jail, so he tunnels his way into the cell. This movie is so silly, and in my opinion at least is probably Elvis's best.

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  1. Hi, Ashton!

    I have seen DD, You've Got Mail, Titanic, The Notebook, Pretty Woman and Some Like It Hot. My favorite is the latter, SLIH, with Jack Lemmon and Tony Curtis in drag, plus veteran comic Joe E. Brown as Osgood Fielding III - ZOWIE!!!

    Have a wonderful week, dear friend Ashton!

    1. Osgood is a great character. You should definitely watch Girl Happy and On the Town.