18 Last-Minute Easter Basket Ideas for Kids

by - April 17, 2019

If you're like me, you've just realized that Easter is this weekend and have nothing for your child's Easter basket. Honestly, I do this every year. I mean, Easter is never on the same date or even the same weekend, and we're always either planning for or have just had Alexis's birthday. Our Easter celebrations are never anything elaborate. We decorate, hide, and hunt eggs, and have lunch with family. Both sets of grandparents can always be counted on to come through with Easter goodies, so mom and dad definitely can't skip out. The way we do Easter baskets is either to do one larger gift or several small gifts. I've rounded up some last-minute gift ideas that fit either of those options. You should be able to find these in stores or you can have some shipped to your home within the next two days.

Birdhouse Kit
Mess-Free Marker Activity Set
Sidewalk Chalk Spiral Art
Sketch Pad
Racket Ball Set
Picnic Playset
Bucket of Farm Animals
Beach Toys
Mini Grow Kit
Critter Catcher
Bag Chair
Bucket Hat

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