Alexis's 4 Year Update

by - April 08, 2019

I'm not sure how it happened, but Alexis is 4. We celebrated over several days with family and friends. We took a day trip to the beach with cousins, had a unicorn party at a local playground, and spent her actual birthday painting a birdhouse, playing games, and spending time as a family. I was a lazy party planner this go 'round and didn't make anything myself, but I don't think it made any difference to Alexis and her little friends. Her big gift from us this year was a cat, and I'm happy to say he's fitting into the family just fine. Alexis loves him.

In other news, Alexis will be starting Pre-K in the fall. She's excited about going to the 'big school.' She can write her name and is working hard to master the other letters of the alphabet. She's gotten into the Disney princess movies and loves our library trips. She still loves the water and playing outside and has gotten really good at riding her bicycle.

It's been a fun but busy four days celebrating our 4 year old. Here are some photos from our adventures. Happy Monday!

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  1. Hi, Ashton!

    Happy 4th birthday to your sweet little Alexis! Like you I can hardly believe she has already reached this milestone. She is adorable and it looks like she had a great time celebrating her special day with a visit to the beach, a kitty to pet, fun at the playground and a house to build and paint. Thank you for sharing highlights of your wonderful daughter's birthday, dear friend Ashton!