5 Mother's Day Gifts I'd Actually Use

by - May 02, 2019

The countdown to Mother's Day is on. Over the years I've looked at countless gift lists but I never really connect with what's on them. I don't know that I've never actually bought anything off one of those lists. So this year instead of trying to put together a list for other people, I've made a list of five things I'd like for myself and would actually use.

1. Cute PJ Set for all the nights I spend lying awake for no apparent reason.

2. Cell Phone Selfie Light for all the photos I take of myself to show you guys what I'm wearing.

3. Kindle Gift Card to help support my reading habit.

4. Patchwork Jeans because interesting denim is a must in my closet and this pair is amazing.

5. Satin Pillowcase to help keep my curls intact while I'm getting my beauty rest.

What's on your wish list for Mother's Day?

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