The Case for Summer Sandals

by - May 13, 2019

Tank: JCPenney / Kimono: StitchFix (similar) / Shorts: Kohl's / Sandals: Old Navy

There was a time back in the late 90s and early 2000's where I wore flip flops pretty much every day, and not just any flip flops. No, it was those rubber Old Navy flip flops that only cost $5. Of course, back then I didn't really have any fashion sense and mainly just wore what everybody else was wearing. Today, you'll rarely catch me wearing rubber flip flops. In fact, I only own one pair and they're reserved for trips involving water.

These days I live in slide-on sandals like my new favorite gold pair from Old Navy. I snagged them during a big sale for only $10 and have been wearing them non-stop. They seriously go with everything. The best part? The comfort level is like wearing a flip flop but the style level is at least ten times higher.

When it comes to summer slides, there are a lot of different styles. In addition to my gold pair, I've got neutral, red, and black pairs. I've rounded up some options from my favorite places to buy shoes below. Most come in multiple colors, and all are under $50.

One // Two // Three
Four // Five // Six
Seven // Eight // Nine

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