Instagram Roundup: Summer Outfit Ideas

by - June 04, 2019

I didn't post as much on Instagram, or any social media really, last month. We were a little bit busier, work required a little more effort, and I wanted to scale back and be a little more in the moment. It's also been hot. Triple digit heat isn't exactly new in this part of the country, but we've had weeks of 95 and above temps with little to no rain. So while most of the other blogs I follow are still sharing outfits with cardigans and long sleeves, we're moving into tank top weather over here. Each of these seven outfits has at least one new item in it, as I've been trying to find more middle-of-the-road summer clothes now that I'm not expected to wear office-appropriate outfits every day.

I'm starting with the last outfit post I shared, which was of these two ensembles side-by-side. I picked up both shirts during JCPenney's Memorial Day weekend sale for under $10 each. I sized up to a medium in both so they would hang a little looser. The tank top is thin but not see-through, perfect for a 100-plus degree day. The rainbow-striped tee isn't fitted but also not loose. It's a good length to half or fully tuck. Buyer beware, though - the dark navy stripes on the sleeves bled when I sweated and dyed my upper arms blue for a good three days.

Now let's talk about these shorts. They're my new favorites, and not because they were only $15. They are seriously the softest denim shorts I've ever owned. They don't squeeze my thighs, which is refreshing, and are made of recycled material. My husband says they look and feel like someone wore them for a year and then decided to return them. But I can't get enough of them! Wearing size 8.

I went back and forth on these white sandals for several days before buying. I wasn't sure I would wear them, because I seriously do not like the brown versions. But I wore these almost every day last week. They're the perfect casual sandal. Wearing size 7.

I still love this dress, which is still available in a few sizes, but I shared this photo because of the shoes. I'd been looking for a pair of yellow wedges. I wanted something to help neutral summer outfits pop a little but wanted a color other than red. I was a little worried about the heel height, but I wore these while running errands one day and had no issues. Wearing size 7.

I needed a few dressy casual shirts for the summer that I could wear with jeans, skirts and shorts. This puff-sleeve button-up shirt hits the mark. It's cut really slim, which helps accentuate your waist. I got it in a medium but will not be drying it because I don't want it to get any tighter or shorter. It can be tucked into high-waisted bottoms but not really anything lower. You can, however, do a front-tuck.

These jeans are called the power slim straight. They're high waisted and have what's called secret slim pockets. When I first got them and tried them on, I thought there's no way I'm going to be able to wear these. They're cut much slimmer than my other jeans. When I got them up over my hips and buttoned and looked in the mirror, I was amazed. They were very stiff at first but loosened up after a few hours of wearing. I ran them through my washing machine with some extra fabric softener and that seemed to help as well. I did not dry them. Wearing size 6.

This is another dressy-casual shirt I added to my summer rotation. It's cut similarly to the one above but has ruffle sleeves and button loops instead of holes. It also has a flap that runs the length of the buttons to prevent any skin peeking through. I'm wearing my usual medium, but like with the pink one I won't dry this one.

These jeans were almost a no-go. They were not what I expected when they came in. The material was really stiff, and they were cut much slimmer than my other boyfriend jeans. I didn't give up on them though and kept trying them until they loosened up. I ran them through the same wash as the other pair of jeans in this post and they feel much more comfortable now. I like the placement of the distressing and the slightly worn look. They have a more casual feel than my other jeans, which was something I've largely avoided in jeans so I could wear them to work.

This is the epitome of a summer momiform. It's comfortable and cool but still put together. I got this shirt at the same time as the two previous ones. It's hard to tell in this picture, but the shirt is red with white flowers that have blue centers. It's also a medium but fits much looser. The back is a tad bit longer compared to the front than I like, but I folded it under a little to adjust. My sneakers are still available and so worth it. My skirt is a few years old.

I'm still not 100 percent sure I like the way this outfit turned out. Graphic tees with printed bottoms is a combination I like on other people but never quite feel like I'm pulling it off. That said, I really like these shorts and have worn them with several other tops. I like the dressier vibe they lend to what would otherwise be a standard summer shorts outfit. I sized up to a 10 for more room in the thigh. Wearing a medium in the T-shirt.

Sadly, my favorite gold sandals are no longer available, which is why they're not linked in any of the photos, but I did find some cute options here, here and here.

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