What I Read May 2019

by - June 03, 2019

It was another slow month for reading as I had to make myself pick up something new to read. I blame it on the heat sapping all my energy during the day so that by bedtime I want nothing more than to just go to sleep. I actually read five books this month, but I'm only including three because two are part of an incomplete series that's scheduled to publish the final book in a couple of months. At the moment, my opinion on those particular books is incomplete so I'll save my review of them until after I've completed the series. Now on to the good stuff!

Poseidon's Arrow
Author: Clive Cussler and Dirk Cussler

Summary: The U.S. Navy has developed an attack submarine capable of incredible underwater speeds, but a key component of the prototype is missing and the man who developed it is dead. Meanwhile, ships have been disappearing around the world. When some reappear, bodies are found aboard burned from the inside out. NUMA director, Dirk Pitt, and his children set out to find the truth, which is even greater than they'd imagined, and along the way unearth an unsolved naval mystery.

My thoughts: All the heart eyes for Dirk Pitt. I had almost forgotten how good these books are. The Cusslers have mastered the art of writing a book that requires savoring. I'm the queen of reading a book in one gulp, but never with Dirk Pitt. I read this book over three evenings, and just like when I first started reading the series in middle school, I was drawn into this world. The pacing is fabulous, and I like you can close the book at the end of most chapters without feeling like you're on the edge of a cliff. If you've never tried a Dirk Pitt book, I suggest you start at the beginning of the series and be prepared to be besotted with this green-eyed master diver.

The Moonlit Garden
Author: Corina Bomann

Summary: Lily Kaiser has an uncomplicated life, until one day a mysterious man brings an old violin to her antiques shop and tells her that it belongs to her. The unusual gift sets Lily and her best friend, Ellen, on a journey to discover the instrument's past and how it's inextricably linked to her.

My Thoughts: This book was wonderful. I never felt lost in all the back-and-forth between time periods, which is saying something considering the story was told from three different ones. I thought all the characters were well written and the story flowed nicely. I loved watching the main character, Lilly, blossom. It's so rare to see characters develop in books these days, and to be able to watch Lilly grow into this independent woman was great.

Scarlet Nights
Author: Jude Deveraux

Summary: Sara Shaw is getting married in three weeks, but her fiance, Greg, mysteriously left town and hasn't been responding to her calls, texts or emails. Then, a strange man claiming to be her best friend's brother climbs through a secret trapdoor in her apartment and says he's moving in. Mike Newland is a detective, and his mission is to find one of the country's most notorious criminals - Sara's fiance's mother.

My Thoughts: This was definitely my guilty pleasure read of the month. A little crime and mystery mixed with romance. This was one of those books I read in one gulp. The developing relationship between Sara and Mike was light and humorous despite the seriousness of the situation. Note: There are sex scenes in this book so steer clear if that's not your thing.

I'm always looking for book recommendations. Tell me your most un-put-downable book in the comments!

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