One Dress Three Ways

by - March 31, 2020

I don't know about you, but the coronavirus has put a pretty big damper on my Spring shopping. I picked up a few pieces before everything shut down, including this pretty navy printed dress, but for the most part I'm trying to only spend money on necessities. One of the biggest rules I follow when buying something new is that I have to be able to wear it more than one way. This ensures my closet stays versatile, so even if I do go through a period of time where I'm not adding new items I can still put together fresh outfits. So today I decided to style this dress three different ways to show you how easy it is to remix your closet.

Dress + Chambray Shirt + Bold Flats

This is a combination that works with literally any dress. The chambray shirt is kind of like a denim jacket but obviously not as warm, so it works better in warmer temperatures. The rolled sleeves and tied waist adds interest and some definition. I love the contrast the red flats provide, but you could achieve the same thing with another bold color.

Dress + Long Necklace + Wedges

Sometimes simple is the way to go, especially when temperatures start hovering at or above the 90-degree mark. Throw on a long necklace and a pair of bright wedges, and boom! One effortless, put-together outfit perfect for a hot day.

Dress + Light Colored Sweater + Booties

This outfit is perfect for those early Spring days when there's still some crispness in the air. A light-colored cardigan and taupe booties help keep things feeling seasonally appropriate while adding just enough layers to keep you from shivering.

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