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by - March 24, 2020

Does it make me crazy to say that my home office is my favorite room in the house? Yes, it even wins out over my bedroom. It's the room that I spend the most time in, even when I'm not working. So what makes it so special? Let's dig in.

When I first started working from home, my office was in the room above the garage, which worked at the time. It was separate from the rest of the house, but because the space was so large, we had dedicated half of it as a playroom for Alexis. It ended up feeling like I only had one corner of the room for myself. Plus it got pretty warm up there in hot weather so I kept finding myself working downstairs.

Last summer, we decided to move my office into our spare bedroom, and move the spare bedroom, which is rarely used, into the bonus room. For the first few months, one corner of the office was set up for Alexis, so she could color, play with Play-Doh, etc., while I worked. Then we redid her room and moved all of her stuff out of the office and into her room.

The office is the one room in the house that's all mine. I can decorate it however I want, and it's the one room that I can actually keep clean and organized. I don't use my office just to work on the magazine. I use it to write, read, and blog.

When we repainted the house, I decided to paint the walls a nice, warm yellow. All my furniture is natural wood, white, and gray. With two windows, I rarely have need of the overhead light, and tend to bypass it for my desk lamp and floor lamp in most cases.

Instead of a typical office desk, I chose a writing desk. It doesn't have a ton of storage, but it also doesn't take up half the room. I also decided to forego a traditional desk chair and opted for this slipper chair instead. It's super comfortable and just the right width to fit underneath this desk. To make up for the lack of desk storage, I picked up this cube organizer that also serves as my printer space. It's surprisingly good quality for the price, and I was able to put it together on my own. Mine is the 'weathered gray' color to match the top of my desk.

Perhaps my most favorite part of the room is my reading corner. The rocker glider that used to be in the nursery was way too comfortable to just get rid of, so I stuck it in the corner. I recently ordered this 5-shelf bookcase so I could get most of my books out of storage. It also comes in 3-tier, 5-cube, and 7-cube in three other colors. As you can see in the picture, my books pretty much filled the shelves, but I still wanted to add some type of decorative touch, so when I came across these pretty colored glass mini-vases in the dollar spot at Target (pic below), I grabbed one of each. Unfortunately, they're not listed online.

As for the final decorative touch, I ordered a pretty round rug to pull everything together. I went with the 5' diameter so that it wasn't overwhelmingly large. It's not a thick rug but the carpet is soft, and I didn't need to buy any rubber backing to keep it from scratching the floor. As you can see, Cooper cat approves.

Disclaimer: This post was in the works well before the threat of COVID-19 and social distancing.

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  1. Hi, Ashton!

    You have a wonderful office, dear friend. It looks cozy, comfortable and inviting. Based on the furnishings you selected I think you could be an interior decorator. Every member of the family should have one room in the house that is theirs alone.

    Mrs. Shady and I recently moved across the state. Here in our new house I converted a sitting room into my office. It is small but I like it. Looks like your writing desk is the same size as mine. Mrs. Shady claimed a sun room and has turned it into her craft room. In recent weeks we have been buying used shelving units and dressers and she has been painting and decoupaging them and installing them in her sanctuary. She stores her yarn and other craft supplies in them. I admire every item you chose for your special room including the rocker glider, the lovely colored glass mini-vases and the round rug. As much as you love Alexis, it was the right move to carve out a space where you can work and create in peace without distraction.

    Stay safe and healthy up there, dear friend Ashton. I am thinking about you and your family!