15 Favorite Amazon Buys

by - October 14, 2020

Have you checked out the Prime Day Deals on Amazon yet? If I'm being completely honest, this sale is so big it's a little overwhelming (kind of like the N-Sale). One of my favorite bloggers, Audrey at Putting Me Together, put together a helpful little how-to post for finding the best deals.

Of course, you need to be a Prime member to access these deals, but truly the benefits of being a Prime member extend beyond this particular sale. I've had my membership for years and have never regretted it. You can get 50% off a Prime membership by using this link.

Okay, so technically the sale started yesterday, but it's still going on today and there are still plenty of deals happening, not to mention the lightning deals that pop up throughout the day. I haven't spent a lot of time browsing through everything, but I did order myself a Roomba (I've wanted one for years) yesterday. That said, I wanted to share my favorite purchases ever from the site, some of which are included in the sale.

Boho Ruffled Skirt - This is such a good skirt, I have it in two colors. It comes in a ton of patterns, has a stretchy waist and cute ruffle details, and can be worn year-round.

Button Front Camisole - This is a great staple to add to your closet. It's easy to layer, works well with skirts or pants, and can be worn on its own. I own it in white and beige.

Lacy Bikini Briefs - I don't normally share intimate clothing with you guys, but these really are my favorite panties.

Button Up Vintage Dresses - These dresses straddle the line between dressy and casual. They're so easy to wear and never fail to make me feel pretty. I have the navy blue cherry print and white floral.

Slipper Boots - It wouldn't be an understatement for me to say that these may be my most-worn "shoes" of the year. In fact, I'm probably going to end up replacing them before the year ends.

Laptop Bag - This tote is great quality. It has a velcro strap to hold your laptop in place, as well as a zippered pocket so your keys don't get lost, loops for pens/pencils, and the perfect-sized pockets for your phone and sunglasses. It also can be zipped completely closed and is waterproof.

Blue Light Blocking Glasses - To be honest, I don't use these anymore but only because my prescription glasses have the blue light blocking in them. But this is a great pair, and I used them for over a year. They reduce eye strain and helped prevent tension headaches from a long day of work.

Makeup Brushes - I'm not gonna lie. I hate spending money on makeup, and a good quality set of brushes can be expensive, but I've been very happy with these ones.

Pimple Patches - I've talked about these on the blog before. They have been a life saver for my skin this year.

Fitness Tracker - This is truly something I never thought I would own, but since I've been trying to get my fitness back on track since my surgery this summer, this inexpensive fitness tracker has helped me hold myself accountable.

Memory Foam Pillow - We've had a memory foam mattress for eight years, but we just upgraded our pillows this year. This one in particular has a cooling layer built in, and even without the Prime Day deal it's affordable.

Rain Shower Head - We don't have a fancy shower, and the bathroom makeover we've talked about isn't happening anytime soon, but this shower head was a small upgrade that made my morning shower experience a thousand times better.

Bathtub Overflow Drain Cover - I've talked about this before, too. It literally takes my bubble baths to the next level.

Bookcase - This isn't a fancy bookcase by any means, but it was the perfect size for my small office. It's also surprisingly sturdy (mine is stuffed as full as it can be).

Round Rug - Is it crazy to get so much satisfaction from a rug? Because the level of happiness this rug brings me on a daily basis is a little crazy.

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